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School is out for the summer - if you still have summer vacations, that is - which means it's time for long days, warm nights, and binge watching a new summer series.

In the same vein of Bug Juice, Laguna Beach, and Newport Harbor of the mid-2000s, the YouTube series @SummerBreak is making us nostalgic by taking all the highs and lows of high school and condensing the drama into the far too short summer months before leaving for college.

The third season of the show strips away much of the production, scripting, and editing to give it a truly authentic feel. Instead, they'll use their own camera lenses to show what it's really like to be a young adult

@SummerBreak, backed by AT&T with Fullscreen and Chernin, features 11 teens from Los Angeles as they struggle with the trials and tribulations of an everyday friend group before they transition into the real world.

With that in mind, let's meet the cast that we'll all be spending the summer with:


The ladies man.


The artistic one.


The center of attention.


The party planner.


The emotional jock.


The good vibes guy.


The master of the "Up-Down."


The smooth talker.

Ava S.

The honest one (and Heather Locklear's daughter).

Ava L.

The perfectionist.


The fashionable tomboy.

Join the gang out on the West Coast in the first episode of Season 3 below:

New episodes of @SummerBreak will be available to stream in real time every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday this summer.


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