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The casting of Jared Leto as the clown prince of crime has been pretty mixed. Most people think Leto will make a good Joker but hate his look and I'm mostly fine with that. This article is aimed towards those people who still think Leto will turn in a bad performance. I have been looking forward to Leto's performance from day one and here's why:

A Fresh Take

This is one of the more obvious and more used arguments regarding this topic but it's very true. We've seen Nicholson's iconic performance and have recently seen Ledger's even more iconic performance. Both actors brought something new and different to their portrayal, keeping the character fresh for mainstream audiences. Leto has the opportunity to bring his own spin on the character. From the image above, we get a glimpse into Leto's transformative performance. His expression alone shows how insane Leto is going to go to achieve this character's state of mind.

He's A Method Actor

Leto is more than just a method actor, he's an oscar winning method actor. That award should be a testament to his willingness to transform for a role. For 'Dallas Buyers Club' Leto lost 30 - 40 pounds to turn in an authentic performance. Leto was also willing to gain 67 pounds for 'Chapter 27' to properly portray Mark Chapman, the man responsible for the death of John Lennon. Both of those roles have garnered Leto critical praise and that is thanks partly to his dedication to his craft. Both Nicholson and Ledger changed who they were on and off screen to give us great characters and I have no doubt that Leto can do the same.

Good Direction

David Ayer doesn't have many huge blockbuster hits under his belt but his greatest work so far has been 'Fury'. In 'Fury', Ayer manages to create some really deep and well developed characters. His characters managed to be so different from each other but their dynamic was strong together and Ayer can bring that to Leto's performance. Ayer managed to get a strong performance out of Shia LeBeouf who's known for turning in bad performances (I don't think he's a bad actor but most people do). Ayer obviously has a clear direction for the Joker so I expect him to make the most out of Leto's acting abilities.

The Leaked Videos

Recently, there have been heaps of pictures and videos that have come out of the 'Suicide Squad' set. A lot of them involved Leto himself and they have been quite impressive. (Minor spoilers ahead) In one video, Leto's Joker hits Margot Robbie's Harleen Quinzel. The way Leto does this is with a deep intensity and grit that is often seen in the Joker character. I also have to add that Leto's small mannerisms in his performance (his hand gestures, facial expressions etc.) are perfect in every way. These set photos and videos should prove that his performance will be fresh and definitely interesting.

He's A Singer

OK, I know this sounds weird but hear me out. Singers have a level of voice control that those who can't sing don't have. Some of the best voice actors can sing including Nolan North, Troy Baker and Seth MacFarlane. The definitive portrayal of the Joker is Mark Hamill which proves that the Joker's voice is one of, if not the most important part of the character. If you've seen Leto sing live then you know that it's easy to tell that he's had some form of vocal coaching which could help him master his Joker voice. Listening to his music you can hear his range of abilities. His smooth low tones contrast well with his harsh, almost screaming style. Both of those styles can be slightly modified to fit the unique style of his Joker.


I think Jared Leto will knock it out of the park. His dedication to his craft is something that shouldn't go unnoticed. He's able to transform into a role and I think he'll do no different when taking on the Joker. I'm super excited for 'Suicide Squad' and I'm gutted that I have to wait until late next year to get a proper look at his performance.


Do you think Jared Leto will make a good Joker??


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