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Also We will see Cody Christian in all 5A episodes!

It's good to see a lot of him, the same for Jordan Parrish (Ryan Kelley). But does that mean that Theo is dead in 5B? or is he going to be misterious till 5B and then be a villain or a good guy? We don't know, 55% thinks he's bad 25% thinks he's just not good, that he's to misterious and can fuck it al up and 20% think he's misterious but good. Why does he need a pack? Is someone after him? Why is he so misterious? We don't know (yet). And what is up with his "Parents"? Also they maybe did something bad. Because if he was so bad why doesn't he stop with asking if he can be in Scott's pack, why doesn't he have blue eyes like villains kill people? Maybe some villain is after him, maybe his fake parent are evil and did something to his family. We don't know, we'll figure it out. But not everyone can be a villain. We never had to really find out stuff on Teen wolf, and having a villain, New creatures and more. Now we have that. Cody Christian has gone from a little role on Pretty Little Liars to the parody film of 'The Hunger Games', The starving games to more episodes on Pretty Little Liars to a character on Teen Wolf (Season 5). And a character that we're gonna see more than once, twice or 10 times. Cody Christian is just 20 years old. He is a really great actor, he has a really difficult role. But he owns it. Also Theo can turn in a full wolf, and a werewolf. Did he go after Liam, to let Mason figure it out, to help Liam or just to make fun? Was he following Liam to figure something out? We don't know. What does the neklace mean that Liam saw? It can't be nothing, is it from Theo or maybe of his sister or his father? We'll see. I think we're gonna have a great season with already 2 episodes i was blown away. Also Stydia doesn't seam to happening, but who cares? Love is beautifull on Teen Wolf but we wan't to see drama, Horror, Action and off course Comedy. What's up with Stiles? Is he right about Theo? He's always right, maybe once he isn't. Also what's up with Lydia in Eichen House? Are that flashbacks or visions? I guess that are visions, and we will see her be taken or going by/to Eichen house, and at the end of 10A we will end where Teen Wolfs first 10 minuts started. In 5B they will possibly have to find new ways because Lydia is going to tell them, if she can. So not they will need more wolves. Wait Theo is one not? So he might help. But isn't someone returning? Isaac is a wolf, Ethan too also Jackson. Sorry peoples i love Jackson but why would he come back? To protect people, he is a douche, did he changed? maybe, it can happen, but i don't thinks so. Ethan can comeback, Theo's Alpha might be Ethan's Alpha too, who he and Aiden killed. And he might comeback to help, his brother died for Scott, so he might come back, there are conections. Also Isaac can comeback, some people even say Jordan Parrish is his Brother, maybe. But also Scott is Isaac's friend. Isaac loves Scott, he loves Stiles too, So he can comeback to help also he was in France with Argent, Argent came back, he didn't. Argent is going to be back in Season 5 too, so he can call Isaac back home. Also Kate is back as a villain, that's sure i guess, other weird creature. Derek might have more time to film in 5B and help the pack in the last episodes.

We all love Cody Christian, but it would be really disappointed if there comes a Season 6, maybe 7 and a movie for just letting him in for a fifth season. Maybe this is the last season, but i think they go for 100 episodes and a movie. Or 110.

Theo does looks evil. He looks messed up. Can Scott Save him? We'll see.

What is Jordan Parrish?

Is he really a Phoenix? Maybe it's to easy. Also Jeff David doesn't denie it so. Maybe. It's a good guess. He was really sweet protecting Tracy in Episode 2. Also protecting Scott in Episode 1 Of Season 5. Is he joining the Pack in 5B? I guess he is a

Isaac Lahey (Daniel Sharman). Was filming a movie, but when the cast of Teen Wolf started shooting he was still able to film. Also the next return will be introduced at the end of Season 5A or at the beginning of Season 5B. They say Isaac might be conected to Jordan Parrish, also Argent returned last season, Isaac didn't. So that are already 2 reasons, or just 1. But also Isaac is Scott's friend, he trust Scott with his life. Also the pack is in real danger. And the pack can trust him. And the fans love him. Jackson Whittemore (Colton Haynes), can also return, but he was a lot in Europe for the last month. He might return 1 episode, or next season, if there's a Season 6. Jeff Davis wants to do a Season 6A and 6B and a Movie, 100 episodes and a movie. That would be great. Back to Jackson (Colton Haynes). He only cares about Lydia, but normally he would already be over her. He might need a pack and some help. He might be an Alpha now and come back as a BadAss wolf to help Scott, but you just can't see all that in 1 to 10 episodes. But if he returns it would still be awesome. Why can't we show all that in just 10 episodes? He would need a lot of screen time, and they're in the biggest fight yet. Like Jeff Davis said "Their biggest fight YET". So there is a chance that there will be a Season 6, but what if this Season 5 just is the best Season, better than 1 and 3? Then they might have money for already a Season 6 and 7. There where 2 episodes leaked of Season 5 and Teen Wolf still has more viewers than Scream. The surprising return of Aiden (Max Carver) was great, but wasn't real. He wasn't real. But when Theo talked about his Alpha, and the Twins killing their Alpha, was he talking about them? That's 75% for sure. Was the story real? That's 24% true. Was he talking about other Twins, that's just 1% the chance. Scott McCall and Stiles Stilinski will have to show how much they love eachother, because this season there will be treats. Derek Hale (Tyler Hoechlin), has a big schedule, and might return in 5B, for now, we might just not see him, till Season 6, if there's a Season 6. A lot of people think there won't be a Season 6, because of so many teases, trailers, Sneak Peaks, And more. That was because they where on the biggest break, and they needed to show things to fan, to get the viewers. To bad the episodes got leaked. Will they now that? Because +1.000.000 viewers watched Teen Wolf on TV, But how many people might have watched it online or downloaded it? Maybe + 2.000.000? That are a lot of people, also don't forget in Europe and Asia, they have to watch it online, because they don't stream it there. So that might be +500.000 or +1.000.000 more. Teen Wolf is one of the best TV-Shows on MTV and that won't change. In Season 5 Episode 3, we might see the Desert Wolf, also someone who treatned Stilinski might be really dangeres and Scott will protect the Sherrif, also Jordan Parrish will defend the Sherrif (That would be really normal), Jordan, tried to protect Tracy, he also almost died for Scott, but he is to strong. If he's a Phoenix, we will see something of him in Episode 3, but that would be maybe to easy, and we might see a bit of him in episode 3, but not knowing what he is. Scott also might turn full Alpha this season. Theo Raeken (Cody Christian), might be a villain, an Anti-Hero, or just a mistery guy. He also might be a project of the Dread Doctors, that Scott might save, and have in his Pack in season 6. Corey (Michael Johnston) might be a love interest of Mason (Khylin Rhambo). And also a project of the Dread Doctors. Also can Stiles always be full right? He only wasn't right about Derek, but he was only not right at the end. Maybe this time it's the same. Is Theo, Theo Raeken or Theo Hale? Because he can turn into a full wolf, and only the Hale's can do that, also Scott might do that this season. Theo might have his reasons. We will find out. But they can't all be Villains. Donovan (Ashton Moio) is a little villain too. Maybe he becomes even more bad. It would be nice to see Daniel Sharman in the opening credits in Season 5B or season 6A & 6B. Peter Hale, Kate Argent, JR Bourne will return all at least 1 episode was confirmed for this season. Also Cody Saintgnue will return 1, 2 or more episodes this season to help Scott's Pack. This season would be awesome if Isaac came back, also a lot of Ex-fans might return to watch. In the begining, i was thinking about, Aiden, Allison (Crystal Reed) to be back for both 1 or 2 episodes like ghosts, hallucinations or something else and Ethan and Isaac back as the alive ones. Ethan for like 4 episodes or something and Isaac 10, and the return of Jackson at the end of the last episode if they confirme a Sixt season.

I really hope to see Theo in Scott's pack fighting against The Doctors, Slaugh and more villains. I just think not everyone can be a villain. Also Stiles can't be always right. I would love to see him wrong just once. He is right about Theo being misterious and that we can't trust him (Yet). But i hope he's good. But maybe he's Bad like everyone thinks.

The Pack i wish would fight the doctors:

Scott McCall

Stiles Stilinski




Theo Raeken

Jordan Parrish

Isaac Lahey



Derek Hale


12 people that's much. Yeah i know. But they don't have to be all regulars. Seeing Jackson just 3 or 4 times at the end could be good for me. Isaac as a regular, Derek 5 episodes at the end. Ethan not solo screen time, like 6 or 7 episodes. Jordan Parrish as a reular. But not a lot of solo screen time, more with Lydia or Scott and Stiles. Lydia, Kira, Liam, Theo, Malia, Stiles and Scott as Regulars off course too. This pack against Kate, 3 doctors, Weird creatures, Possibly another weird creature, maybe the desert wolf and more. It would be awesome. And now we get like 40 to 45 minuts of Teen Wolf, most time 42 or 43, but they better give us like 50 minuts, 8 more minuts can help with some more people. Because we don't wan't less time for Sciles (Sciles = Scott + Stiles).

Also with a Fox, Were-Coyote, some Werewolves (Betas, Alphas and True Alphas), possibly a Phoenix, a Banshee, a Human in the pack. Are there more different animals coming to the pack?

This was a edit i did because i wanted to say: i was right about the hellhound hahaha and i think Colton Haynes will be back in 5B, why edit this to say it, cause a lot of people still get this post and read it.


What would you wish

It would be awesome to see a lot of different styles. Styles not Stiles, you see what i did there? Just kidding. Like i said some different styles would be awesome.


How would you like Theo to be?

Sorry for some bad spelling and bad English at points.

Thanks for reading :)


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