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Lego games have garnered a fond reputation for drawing kid-friendly humor from places we didn't expect! There's been [Lego Batman: The Video Game](tag:2842706), Pirates of the Caribbean, and most recently Jurassic World. Some might think the grand tradition of reinterpreting beloved movies to fit the Lego brand is wearing thin, but here are a few movies that would suit Lego perfectly, and which I'm actually surprised didn't get their own games sooner!

Star Trek

Imagine the Enterprise as a hub world!
Imagine the Enterprise as a hub world!

The worry about reducing a property to something artificial and weird just isn't there with Star Trek. Much as with Lego Harry Potter Years 1-4, a changing timeline would provide evolving level design, and the endless barrage of strange encounters provides ripe opportunities for humorous plastic figures. The sense of order and functionality on the Enterprise somewhat mirrors the feeling you get after assembling a complex model. A Star Trek game would appeal to enthusiasts of control and order, and to those who simply want to explore new and exciting imagery.

Back to the Future

The prospect of a Back to the Future Lego game basically writes itself! Lego games live and die on the longevity of their level design, having to introduce new and recognizable iconography on the fly! The game wouldn't even be relegated to locales like the shopping mall parking lot or the 50s high school. Lego versions of Doc and Marty would literally have a time machine, so aside from the far flung future of 2015, and the wild west, a lego game could use all sorts of settings for its simple yet appealing levels.

The Goonies

There's much fun to be had in The Goonies!
There's much fun to be had in The Goonies!

I'm sure the only reason The Goonies hasn't been adapted into a Lego game is because it hinges predominantly on nostalgia of people in their 30s and 40s. If kids were into The Goonies now, we'd be sure to find the search for One-eyed Willy's gold take videogame form! Imagine caves and traps worked into fun and intricate puzzles! Imagine playing as Data and getting to use his gadgets! Imagine Sloth... well, that seems difficult to interpret. But hey, Lego managed to use the Hulk! That's something!

Casino Royale

We've had Lego Indiana Jones, who was himself an interpretation of the James Bond character. Why then have we not seen 007 make a lego appearance? His gun could easily be swapped out for simple fisticuffs or a waster pistol or something just as non-threatening. I could just imagine Lego Casino Royale having Bond play battle ships and chequers against Le Chiffre to save the world, and the story could work its way right up to Skyfall. Plus, that torture scene! I'd love to see how that would work!

Event Horizon

What could go wrong?
What could go wrong?

Lego Event Horizon is such a no-brainer, I'm astounded it hasn't happened yet. It's the story of a space craft that can fold space and time, breaking the laws of physics and going into a hell dimension where all its crew go mad and eviscerate each other! What better spin to put on that than Lego! Operating a space craft will be fun enough, but I would also love to see Lego figures in zero gravity, and having to navigate horrific insults to the majesty of god. Plus, plastic Sam Neil! Adorable!


Park Chan-Wook's masterpiece really hasn't gotten the homage it deserves in the west. After Spike Lee's disappointing remake, it becomes obvious that the only medium can truly honor Oldboy is Lego! Imagine playing through the tragic story of Oh Dae-Su with an engaging play set style! There are cool locations to navigate, from the makeshift prisons with that incredible hallway fight to the stylish penthouse showdown. Plus there are many secrets to find, from dumpling dishes to photo albums in purple wrapping paper! Everyone loves collectables! This really is an obvious choice.


You might think the situations in Saw wouldn't pose a threat to a Lego person, what with them being able to remove their limbs and even heads all at once. But when you think about it, Lego men don't have detachable feet! If a guy has his leg chained to a radiator, he's gonna have to saw through it just like his human counterpart in the movie! And that's made of plastic too! You want puzzles in Lego games? How about the ultimate puzzles with the ultimate stakes? Go hard or go home, Lego!

So there you have it! Seven movies that criminally haven't been made into Lego games! For more on Jurassic World, click here! Share with us your hopes for a movie that could be made into a Lego videogame by writing a post, or leaving a comment below!


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