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The time has come for yet another epic genre piece about the folly of man, the power of family, and the ever present dangers of Austrians to hit the silver screen and rob us of $15 in admissions. I am of course talking about Terminator Genisys.

In what has been a Summer of disappointing-to-awful blockbuster movies (Looking at you Jurassic World), I believe it is safe to assume that the next installment in the Terminator franchise is going to be an over CGI'd, poorly written mess, and so the tradition of bad movies stands; We must solve our problems with Alcohol and competition; The Terminator Drinking Game;


This game is designed to match with Genisys, but can be applied to any of the previous 4 Terminator films with minor adjustments. The rules are as follows;

Whenever the thing happens, you drink.

Complicated I know, but trust me it's worth the effort.

Whenever the following criteria appear on screen do as above;

- Scene in the future where skulls are being crushed.

- Time travel happens

- Red Glow of eyes

- Nakedness

- You wish you were watching Game of Thrones

- Arnold gives any of the famous one liners (I'll be back, Pasta Rigatoni, etc)

- There's negative sexual tension between Daenery's and Kyle Reese

- Car chase scene

and the epic waterfall special bonus round rule;

- When John Connor does the thing, you'll know when it happens because you'll be just as pissed as I am.

Thank you everyone for paying Hollywood Billions of dollars to ruin franchises, and for reading my article. If you'd like to try a special Terminator themed cocktail to bing to the Premiere you can find it and more on my Youtube channel @PopCultureMixology

Much like the resistance we have to fight back and send a warrior into the past to kill the studio executives that Greenlit this.


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