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As many people know, there are many upcoming roles regarding director and superhero in superhero movies approaching our theaters. These are my opinions on who should play the characters coming to the big screen.

Green Lantern: Taron Egerton

Taron Egerton, best known as Eggsy from Kingsman: The Secret Service, is an up-and-coming action star. After being one of the best parts of the fun action romp that was Kingsman, I think Egerton would be a good fit for Green Lantern, Hal Jordan style. He was cocky yet likable as a young spy in Kingsman and I think he could interact well with other young members of the Justice League such as Ezra Miller's The Flash but also provide some humor in a group of characters that are mostly dark.

Green Lantern: Shameik Moore

Another new-comer to the Hollywood scene, Shameik Moore most recently starred in Dope as a high school senior in Englewood, California. Having Moore as John Stewart and Taron Egerton as Hal Jordan would allow two young Green Lanterns to discover their powers together, also setting up a series of Green Lantern movies between the two men. Both are likeable and young, so they would be good castings for the positions. Shameik Moore does not have a large amount of Hollywood experience, so now would be the perfect time to grab him for a large amount of movies before he is discovered as a star.

Captain Marvel: Anna Kendrick

Now here me out, I know Anna Kendrick has not exactly been an action star. However, with a bubbly personality and quips that are very funny at times, how can she not be cast in this role? With Marvel's path of making movies that have a lighter tone, Kendrick would be a good casting for Captain Marvel, someone that would be able to interact with all the other Avengers, many of which make light-hearted quips directed at other people. Kendrick would be able to stand out as her own character and make Captain Marvel a superhero everyone would love watching.

Black Bolt: Vin Diesel

Regarding the Inhumans film. Vin Diesel would be the perfect Black Bolt. Black Bolt is not supposed to talk or else he could destroy pretty much anything and we have seen that Vin Diesel does not have to talk much to be a compelling action star. He would be perfect for the role and would be able to take on another leadership role as he did in the Fast and Furious franchise.

Shazam: Donald Glover

This could be an awesome casting. Shazam is a superhero that turns into a superhero from a child, so having someone that is younger and has a little boyish charm would be excellent. Also, seeing Donald Glover go up against a Black Adam like the Rock would be a clear disadvantage for Shazam, which would make the movie much more interesting due to the fact that there is such a different contrast between the super beings. Donald Glover could also bring some much needed humor into the DC Universe and make Shazam a truly lighter character.

Thanks for reading and share your opinions in the comments.


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