ByEllora Balmaceda, writer at
Ellora Balmaceda

So about two years ago I came across a question on Tumblr that went something like this:

"Who is the boy fishing on the moon in the Dreamworks logo? How did he get on the moon? Does he ever catch the fish?"

And I came up with a theory.

The little boy grows up to be the Man in the Moon from Rise of the Guardians, and he's not really fishing. It's just a metaphor for all the extraordinary souls he's "fishing" out of the "sea" of mundane people so that he can turn them into spirits and possibly new Guardians.

It's a very short theory as you can see, and I have no backing evidence to prove it (is there even any evidence out there?). Anyways, what do you guys think? Do you have any theories of your own?


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