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What does the Apocalypse look like to you? Well, here's your chance to tell your story.

The End of Days Film Challenge is a 30-day apocalyptic filmmaking competition where teams of filmmakers, actors, and enthusiasts create a short film with an Apocalyptic theme depicting the end of the world! So, grab a camera and some friends and come up with an apocalyptic theme. Anything goes; zombies, aliens, vampires, ghosts, viruses, asteroids, nuclear war, and even political or economic takeover. So long as the theme revolves around society or the world ending.

Registration is now Open. CLICK HERE

Past films have included a virus, aliens, a particle extinguishing bomb, time travel, and more. Last years best picture was M-Theory, produced by TL Westgate at Creative Inlet Films. M-Theory has gone on to be accepted into 42 other film festivals after winning the EOD competition. Watch the Trailer HERE.

My team had a ton of fun producing our film. We didn't know what the competition would be like, but we didn't care. We still made a film in a month we could be proud of and put on our demo reels. ~TL Westgate
M-Theory, Creative Inlet Films
M-Theory, Creative Inlet Films

Also making a smash at the competition was Until Tomorrow, written by Michelle Brown and directed by Dale Metz. The film revolves around a man made virus that mutates and kills most of the world's population. Until Tomorrow has gone on to win awards a several notable festivals including Florida Film Slam and 15 Minutes of Fame film festival. Watch the Trailer HERE.

Until Tomorrow, Dale Metz Productions
Until Tomorrow, Dale Metz Productions

So, dust off that old video camera and share your end of days story with the world. Registration is now open. Do you have what it takes to survive? Follow the End of Days Competition


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