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Baldwin Collins

This action movie deserves a sequel, in my opinion, even when the critics reviews were bad. I found the Storyline very logical, John Chapman a Ex-marine burnt out emotionally has desires to take his own life, Even when he visits the local store his held-up by robbers, who he challenges to take his life, and after some great hand to hand combat surprisingly he does live, What spurs john chapman played by michael jai white, into action is news from brazil, that his sister is found on the local beach, she's played by laila ali as cindy chapman. badly beaton and near death.

Chapman is on a one man crusade to find out who left his sister in this condition. his investigations lead him to a world of Corrupt police who are involved with the Yalcuza gangs,

star michael jai white isn't no stranger to action heroes, he played comic book hero 'spawn' in the movie titled 'spawn (1997) about a Mercenary killed, but brought back to life by the devil, and sent to earth as a reluctant soldier of the devil.

However the falcon rising movie opened to a limited cinema audience back in september 5 2015, Which hasn't stopped moonstone Entertainment planning a sequel which is in pr-production as i write, with a possible film title 'Flight of the Falcon' Would you like to see a Falcon Sequel ?


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