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Music these days is all about lifestyle and gossip. Here are some artists that make really good music and deserve more recognition.

  • Ross Copperman. Using a really simple melody, only a few instruments and meaningful and poetic lyrics, Ross Copperman manages to create interesting and unique ballads.
  • Within Temptation. Here we have something completely different. The lyrics are very simple, and don't won't to make you think, rather than entertain you. The melody however, in the majority of their songs, is very compicated and fun, with many guitar riffs. The band's style could be described as alternative, rock and grundge.
  • Ron Pope. The guy is a genious. His songs have it all: emotional lyrics, amazing bridges, plus the live version of his songs is usually better than the studio one.
  • Avril lavigne. Though she was very famous in early 2000s' she seem to has lost her fame (not her dedicated fans though) when punk became less popular among teenagers. However she has expirimented with many different styles (successfully in my opinion and she deserves to top the charts.
  • Emily Osment. Who knew Emily could sing? Not only can she sing, but she's also a very good entertainer. She has taken a break from music though, since her music career wasn't going too well, however she deserves a comeback.
  • Jennet McCurdy. Another teen star we didn't know could sing. Look up her covers ( you will be amazed by her vocal skills) and her original songs. She can do country way better than T.S. (no hate <3 )
  • Lucy Hale. We have seen her sing a couple times in PLL, however what we didn't know is that she could sing country so well. Her disc "The Road Between" is one my country favorites.
  • Hillary Duff. Hillary is an amazing actress, but she also has a very unique voice. Her songs remind me of Britney Spears, but with a touch from this decade. Personal favorites: "Sparks" and "Chasing the sun"
  • Adam Lambert. Maybe the most underrated artist on this list. This guy can cover "Queen" (one of the few people on this planet who can do this -no kidding-) live. Do I need to say anything more? His songs have lyrics that make you think and his style is just AMAZING! personal favorite: "Runnin"


Who is the most underrated artist in this list?


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