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I love both of these game series very much. From playing Resident Evil 1 when I was very young up until Resident Evil 6. Then The Evil Within and I instantly fell in love with it because of how it brought back the horror survival genre. With both series from the same creator it's no wonder why they share striking similarities.

Poster for The Evil Within
Poster for The Evil Within

Now with the release of The Evil Within last year and it's dlc this year we wonder what is in store for this franchise? The game was well received with horror survival fans and provide a game similar to Resident Evil, but it proved to be its own beast. It had very satisfying kills in combat, but you had to plan out each battle. Then the story left a lot open to interpretation and even more questions unanswered which were addressed in the dlc. The main character, Sebatian Castellanos, seemed a little dry in the emotion department, but proved to be a great character in the end. So do you think The Evil Within deserves a sequel or not?

Next, we have the franchise that pretty much founded the survival horror games we know today. Although the recent installments (that means you RE 4-6) turn the series into an action oriented game and less about the horror. Capcom then tried in Resident Evil 6 to bring the series back to its roots with Leon Kennedy's campaign, but they still kept those mutated humans that no one really liked. For this franchise to succeed it needs to be reinvented and brought back to its old self

Umbrella corporation
Umbrella corporation

As I said earlier I love both of these franchises, but who deserves a sequel more. The new kid on the block, The Evil Within or the groundbreaking series Resident Evil?

Comment and tell me which game you want more.


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