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Christopher Martin (Atlanta's Real-life Cinna) invited me to a show he was hosting. It was for Raw Artists Atlanta, and showcased music, visual, and performance art.

Christopher announced the first musical act, "ROGUE DYNAMO!!!" My eyes snapped forward, and I stared at the stage intently, impatient to see who it was that went by that magnificent name, and there she was:

Rogue Dynamo. Photo by Zoa Omer for @ZoaPhoto.
Rogue Dynamo. Photo by Zoa Omer for @ZoaPhoto.

One of the first things Rogue did when she took the stage was to tell the crowd to move in. They may not have been aware of it yet, but she definitely knew they were going to want to get as close to her as possible. The music came on, and she started emoting one of the purest forms of sheer badass I've ever heard.

I contacted her a few days later, and this week we met for coffee and an interview at Aurora Coffee in Little 5 Points.

Rogue told me a bit about her early career, and how she started out writing poetry. Around the age of 12, her poetry became lyrics, and she began producing her own projects with some guidance from a neighbor who happened to be a Professor of Media at Clark-Atlanta University. After losing her mother to breast cancer when Rogue was only 17, she grew up quickly and developed a honed view of what is important in life.

An avid gamer and comic fan, Rogue identifies with the Antihero. She is acutely aware of the balance of all things, the yin and the yang. Even her name is a reflection of the dynamic of opposing forces, the hero and the villain. She has found empowerment in embracing both, and uses her art to empower others to do the same.

Rogue's strongest influences are Dr. Dre and Eminem. She's opened for legends like Slick Rick, and recently released her newest project, Roses and Karma. She has a lot of admiration for Kid Cudi, and hopes to work with him some day. Among her biggest fans is close friend and fellow producer, Tahrikh Charles, an engineer and another rising star from Atlanta.

Find out more about Rogue Dynamo and check out her work on her youtube channel and her website. Subscribe to keep up with her current and upcoming projects and performances!


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