ByStephen Seitz, writer at

J.J. Abrams, and especially his incompetent screenwriters, completely wrecked "Star Trek." They didn't do the most basic research; for instance, everybody should know that starships are assembled in space, never on the ground. The first ten minutes of "Into Darkness" were so mind-bogglingly stupid and flat-out wrong, I almost left the theatre.

Captain Kirk was often described as "a walking stack of books," and he frequently quoted Shakespeare, Milton, and even D.H. Lawrence. Chris Pine has played him in such a manner that you'd be amazed if he could get through "Bazooka Joe." Certainly Kirk would never have acted like Pine in the Kobayashi Maru sequence; he would have made his performance look as though he had actually outsmarted the test. There is a reason Shatner's Kirk got a commendation for original thinking.

There is also the issue of obvious "Save the Cat!" plotting, which makes each event in each film somewhat predictable. And don't get me started on the way they bastardized the most touching scene in Trek history.

Roddenberry based "Trek" on his actual naval experience in WWII, brought NASA and the Jet Propulsion Lab into the mix, and hired the prominent science fiction writers of the day to work on his show. Abrams and Co. relied on software and notes from the marketing department.

We can do better. I trust Simon Pegg.


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