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Why rebooted series for a second time. I thought the amazing Spiderman 2 was awesome Andrew Garfield I thought played a really good Spiderman. If they keep remaking the movies Spider Man lose his story line as well we can't just keep rebooting movies. Spiderman has a structure so do you think there should be a Spiderman 3 ? hell yes. If sony is going to remake Amazing Spider Man they might as well go ahead and just trashed the original copies of the Amazing Spiderman the series already been rebooted once before with Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst. Stan lee had a vision for the amazing spider-man and that wasn't to be remade over and over and over I think Andrew Garfield is a perfect replica of what Spiderman or the Amazing Spiderman should be. Do I think he should be going on to do other movies in the Avengers of course. What a movie should not be remade three different times to justify who Spiderman is. We take each movie for a grain of salt and if it doesn't make money well will reboot the series. The series I think has went very well the second time around Andrew Garfield makes the perfect resemblance from the comic books Amazing Spider Man. Just asked Stan Lee if he wants millions of dollars or if you want these characters brought to life the way they were meant to be made and I guarantee you Stan lee will say that he wants his character portrayed the way that he envisioned Spiderman to be, not the way these big box office movies want them to be money is great now the amazing Spiderman 2 was an epic movie, made millions but it is not the vision of Spiderman to be carried on and not to be portrade by three different people. The world of Marvel is evolving new shows,new creations, by Stan lee and his faculty have been presented online The Avengers, daredevil and many others but Spiderman sticks out more in my mind than any of the other ones for I've been reading Spiderman comics since I was five and yes money is great now but the way I envisioned Spiderman I think Andrew Garfield is the right actor to play Spiderman and I think Stan lee would agree or not Stan lee probably envisions his character Spiderman just like he envisions all of his Marvel characters like Wolverine, Cyclops all the X-men for that matter. So what of Spiderman now. will there be a third movie and if so I would rather not see Andrew Garfield go anywhere I want to see the 7 Spiderman movies that were supposed to be made. Life is a bunch of questions should the world really revolve just around money alone where should the care to be brought out in the light of which it was created. I like to know what you think if you think Andrew Garfield was playing a really good Spiderman so far think back to yourself when you were a kid and you read the comic books of Spiderman or the Amazing Spiderman is Andrew Garfield the perfect Amazing Spider Man that you read back when you were a kid in a comic book when you went to the comic book store and picked up an edition of The Amazing Spider Man for a 1.25 cents. Money's all anybody thinks about in the world it's not the characters people you grow up remembering. But one of the characters that you remembered. is that the way it should be. Life's Too Short you gotta grab it by the hands regardless of how much money you make you make millions of dollars off movies advertising, promoting but there has to be a give. Otherwise what gift are we to leave for the kids of the future to remember a Spiderman that was rewritten four, five, six, seven times over remember the memories of the movies that made movies epic. There's several different comics though for Spiderman you have ultimate Spiderman, the Amazing Spiderman, and, the Spectacular Spider Man each one is different which should'nt be called a reboot. Their separate movies and should not be called reboots yes they all have their own stories and yes they all have their own ways about how they're written. But in the eyes of the authors who makes the comic books. yes they care about money but do they really care about the millions and millions of dollars or do they care about the way they envision their characters represented. Did they reboot x-men or did they make X-Men and continue to make X-Men and carry them into something else. Did they reboot Iron Man. The truth is that generations before envisioned something totally different than what the comic book creators inspired. these big name companies take over and don't care about is the passion for creating they just care about the money even though they make money off of other things. Sony a big name company who cares about money more than they care about the way Marvel envisioned Spiderman. So I say Sony if you care about money so much then why don't you just give it back to Marvel completely so that they can envision with there hearts what was intentionally rendered from their minds so that the thought of millions and millions of dollars are not all they think about . The more you remake movies the less the point is to watching it. you lose the plot, you lose the intensity, of the motions you never fully grasp the concept of what it was initially intended to be. money clouds judgement then the world becomes nothing but the money. on the back of money is In God We Trust but Im thinking it invisions in the world we trust because obviously nobody cares about the invasion something that somebody else creates they just want to take exactly what they can from it and then discarded like as if it was a piece of trash. let me know what you think I appreciate honesty and I really would like to know what everybody else would think thank you..........


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