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One of my favorite genres of games to play is Survival Horror. I love those games that get your heart racing, you cursing your head off (c'mon we all do it), and possibly throw your controller as you shut off the console.

5. Deadrising

This series is a newer one, but has gained a lot of fans quickly. They have intriguing stories, but I have to chose the original because of how they started the series and found a way to make it work.

4. Dead Space 2

This game was one of my absolute favorites mainly because of how it scared me and the plot. The way the game unfolded made it work for me along with the zero gravity sections, limited lighting, and the variety of enemies to fight.

3. Left 4 Dead 2

Some may not consider it a survival horror game, but I will. The way the game reinvented itself with new enemies, new weapons, and being able to carry two primary weapons made the series better. They brought in a new cast of characters, but brought the old ones back in dlc.

2. Resident Evil 1-4

For this one I couldn't chose just one game because the first few were awesome. I included RE4 even though it started to be more like an action game than survival horror, but it was highly praised as one of the best in the franchise.

1. The Evil Within

With this being the game credited with bringing back survival horror to its roots I chose this as my favorite. This game scares me so bad all the time because it is so unpredictable. To add to this there are insanely overpowered enemies, scarcity of ammunition, claustrophobic areas, and large amounts of enemies ambushing you at a time. This game sparked the love for survival horror once again and I'm extremely happy about it.

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