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Spider-Man heading to the Marvel Cinematic Universe is underway. During the winter, the Web Head was MCU bound when Marvel and Sony came to terms about the character to joining the likes of Iron Man, Captain America and Thor. Now we know who will be donning the mask as Tom Holland has been confirmed to play the role of Peter Parker in both a new film directed by Jon Watts, as well as in next year's blockbuster- [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409). Yet even with these confirmation, there are great deal of things we still do not know about Spider-Man in the MCU; such as which characters from Spider-Man's story will be joining Peter in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The cast of Spider-Man is certainly wide and filled with a variety of characters. While I can think of several names making an appearance in this new film, there is a certain arch nemesis that I cannot help but wonder if he has a part to play in this new film.

I speak of course of anti Spider-Man himself: Venom. Quite possibly one the most recognizable enemies in Spider-Man's rogues gallery, Venom has made a name for himself over the years. Whether it was Eddie Brock, Mac Gargan or Flash Thompson, Venom has remained relevant in Marvel Comics even to this day. The character made his film debut in Spider-Man 3, but his presence did not leave the biggest of impacts; though I feel that Topher Grace did a fair job as the character (as Venom that is). Needless to say it has been sometime since Venom has appeared on screen, but maybe there is chance that we could see this Spider-Man villain sooner rather then later. With the new film cleaning the slate for Spider-Man, it is possible for Venom to join his arch-enemy in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. If that is the case, then the question is this: how could Venom fit in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

It may seem surprising but Venom is not the easiest character to adapt. To interpret this character correctly I feel that you need to build the character up. Not only does Venom need proper development, but there are two parts that need to be develop: the character and the symbiote. In some way the black suit would have to play a vital role in the character of Spider-Man. Since Peter was the first host to the "alien costume", that factors tends to play a vital role in the conflict between Spider-Man and Venom. Then there is the character who becomes Venom. For the sake of novelty, I will stick with the primary wearer of the suit: Eddie Brock. In order to pull Eddie's transformation correctly, I feel that Brock needs to be a developed character before he becomes Venom. That way Eddie is character that audiences have come to know; and when he changes into the villain, it gives him a sense of complexity to it. To put it bluntly I feel that Venom is a character whose appearance should be built up rather then him being the main antagonist of the 2017 film.

Venom claims its host
Venom claims its host

Then again how this character is built up may depend on the way Marvel depicts Eddie Brock/Venom. While there are several incarnation of the character, I feel that there are two version of Eddie that could work for a movie: the one from Earth 616 and the one from the Ultimate Universe. In Marvel's main universe, Eddie got his start by being a reporter of the Daily Bugle; while the Ultimate Version of Brock was a close friend to Peter Parker. Seeing that we are dealing with a younger version of Peter, perhaps the Ultimate Eddie Brock would be more effective in this situation. This way, if Eddie does transform into Venom, it creates a sense of tragedy for Peter. However, seeing that this is the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the film could very well create a new version of Eddie Brock.

Take this scenario for example. To introduce us to the characters of Daily Bugle, Peter takes an internship (or something of that nature) at the famed newspaper. The person that Peter is shadowing is none other then Eddie Brock. Eddie shows Peter the ropes at the Bugle, and the two begin to form a student/teacher friendship. However something come between the two. It could be either a difference in ethics or just Eddie's issues with Spider-Man. Whatever it may be, something come between these two characters, and this is where the venom symbiote comes in. This kind of scenario would give Eddie the right motive to become Venom and it would also give Peter a sense of conflict when facing this enemy. This scenario is just speculation but I feel that in order for Venom to be an effective villain, he needs to be in a situation much like the one that I have described.

An intimate relationship with Spider-Man
An intimate relationship with Spider-Man

However, even with everything that I have said, lets say the studios take the easy route and make Venom the main antagonist for the upcoming film. While I would disapprove of this movie, there is a possibility that having Venom show up the 2017 blockbuster could work. If this were to be the case then I feel that Venom's development would be similar to that of Loki in the Thor movies. In other words, the best move for the studios could do would be not to kill Venom off in the first film and have him appear in any upcoming Spider-Man films. That way we get a sense of complexity with this character, and it could open the door to other possibilities;such as a spin-off film.

Looking to claim another victim in Peter Parker
Looking to claim another victim in Peter Parker

With Spider-Man joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe, I think that there is no better time then to plant the seeds for a Venom appearance. Fans have waited a long time to see a proper adaption of Venom on screen; and with the Spider-Man franchise getting a clean slate, the studios could not possibly have a better opportunity to bring this villain to the MCU. Granted it all depends on what the studios want to do with the story of Spider-Man; but whatever the case, we can only hope to see a return from Venom on the silver screen sooner rather then later.


Should Venom Join The Marvel Cinematic Universe?


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