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Many fans of the show may remember the few episodes that Lancelot played a role in Once Upon a Time, both with helping Snow White and Charming get married and helping those left behind in the Enchanted Forest take refuge in Season 2. The story goes that Cora killed him, however there was no body shown.

Jamie Chung & Sinqua Walls as Mulan&Lancelot
Jamie Chung & Sinqua Walls as Mulan&Lancelot

With Camelot to be brought into the storyline, however, it looks as though Lancelot will be returning - if only for flashbacks. Sinqua Walls, thankfully, will not be getting the same treatment as Robin Hood did after a long absence and will be returning to the show.

Edward Kitsis, producer and creator of the show, told Entertainment Weekly that it was an impossible feat to show Camelot - finally - without having Lancelot return. Camelot has been hinted at numerous times, with the sword in the stone, Lancelot mentioning a lost love and the Author telling them that to save Emma from being the Dark One they will have to find Merlin.

Both King Arthur and Guinevere have yet to be cast, though, there is still a casting call for them.

I am not sure which route they will go with King Arthur, the benevolent king or the dark type who is power mad and jealous. Since he cast out Lancelot because of his love for a woman, which if it follows legend will be Guinevere, then it might be that they go the dark route, and that is why Merlin knows how to deal with such situations.

Either way, I am excited to see the legend play out in the show, as it is one of my favorites. I just hope that it won't deter much from the storyline of Emma as the Dark One.

Once Upon a Time returns this fall season on September 27, 2015 on ABC



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