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Name: Harry Atkins /Anex

Classification: Vigilante/Anti-hero

Abilities: Super Strength, Super Speed, Agility, Fire Manipulation, Advanced Self Healing, through physical contact make others see things


After the death of his fiancé and the events leading up to him being kidnapped and experimented on with Project: Anex. After the experimentation was complete they began to test him. Torturing him and inputting the memories that The Outsider was the one that inflicted the pain and took everything from him. Harry would later manage to escape and spearhead to learn more about the Outsider and would try to track him down. After Michael sees a person dressed similar to the Outsider and wearing a Jacket with a symbol burned into it that he would learn was the Anex Project logo. This attracts Michael’s attention and eventually The Outsider is forced to look into it when they cross paths. Harry would grow stronger as his aggression would grow. He would have all of Michael’s abilities and his one weakness would be a poison that would take effect from injection or physical contact. Over time Harry learned he could manipulate thoughts of others and make them see whatever he wanted them to see.

Weakness: Venenum {Epinephrine} (inject able adrenaline) The epinephrine causes his adrenal glands to go into overdrive and make him go into a psychotic meltdown for 5 minutes destroying anything he sees until he passes out. Takes down his illusions and influence instantly after injection.


Name: Zach Lella/Anex 2.0/Omega

Classification: Anti-Hero/Vigilante/Student

Abilities: Flight, Super Strength, psychic manipulation, Super Speed, Healing factor, great resistance to physical pain, electricity manipulation, Super Hearing, does not age externally past the physical age of 21 years old, and fire manipulation.


After Anex disappeared a new subject was needed to start the next phase of this experiment to make the ultimate defense against the Meta-Humans and Vigilante’s that began to surface. With fear an hysteria these government groups they were kept off the books with large funds pouring in to help the experiment. Zach would go to Staten Island High when he would be taken for the experiment. Zach would be watched and studied for nearly 3 years prior to his abduction. Anex 2.0 later renamed the Omega Project would use original findings with Anex and Key agents in The Outsider’s DNA to make a new project entirely. In doing so the aging process would become unstable. While things became more unstable. When Zach manages to escape killing countless Division Agents after his memory was successfully suppressed, Amanda Hawthorne would step in to request that Sylvia Barnes not try to make a new subject until Zach is killed or returned. Eventually Zachary is found nearly three months later rapidly aging with only Blue Kpg compressing the aging process. Eventually this would stop Zach from physically aging and make is aging rate slower than that of a person. Red Kpg causes some issues with Michael’s DNA making him Black out and become Omega when exposed. Sylvia for a short period of time manages to control him using a Red Kpg Ring keeping him in omega state. Zach has very little memory of his past.

Weakness:Epinephrine(inject able adrenaline) The epinephrine causes his adrenal glands to go into overdrive and make him go into a psychotic meltdown for 5 minutes destroying anything he sees until he passes out.

Venenum Takes down his illusions and influence instantly after injection. Toxic and Lethal to him.


Name: Alex Tirado/EDGE

Classification: Former Assassin/ Former Mercenary/ Vigilante

Abilities: Agility, Strength, Speed, Martial arts and Fighting expert, high level intellect, Stealth, Advanced Self-Healing, Expert Marksman, strategic planning.[Tech and Weaponry.]


Alex would start training intense and rigorous training to become an vigilante. Alex would train with a former UFC fighter and vigilante Brawler. After learning from him he would further his knowledge and technique with various other masters of fighting styles. After 4 years of training he would become an expert stick fighter and that would cross-over to become superior sword fighter. Making a name for himself as EDGE he would become one of the most experienced swordsmen. Alex would be an expert with weapons. Armed with guns, swords, and other artillery with military applications. EDGE in his first encounters with the Outsider, Infantry, and Night Prowler started with him taking them one and then working with them. After Exodus managed his first attack against the Outsider, he managed to get EDGE to take Outsider on after framing him for the murder of some NYPD officers. Seeking his own version of justice and would become convinced Exodus tricked him. EDGE teaming up with The Outsider would be the start of them working together. EDGE would slowly gain The Outsider’s trust. EDGE is very sarcastic, joking and isn’t as serious. EDGE now moves around helping people city to city.


Name: Matthew Logan/Logan Pax/Ghost Fire

Classification: Anti-Hero/Vigilante/Former Criminal

Abilities: Enhanced Strength, Enhanced Speed, Enhanced Agility, Advanced Self-Healing


After nearly 5 years being kept in the dark about his father and the reasons for him leaving Matthew Logan would learn that his father left to protect his family they would be put into hiding when the officer that helped them is killed Mathew and his mother is attacked. When he and his mother were about to get killed they were saved by The Outsider. Matthew Logan would take on a new name and go into hiding on his own identity becoming known as Logan Pax. Pax would become intrigued by the Outsider. Mathew would try to become a vigilante being a very amateur fighter in the beginning Logan would get help from Cassandra Lain. After Cassandra would help Logan and introduce him to Dr. Sheliene would make a serum to help boost his abilities but he would need an injection of the serum after a certain time period to keep his abilities of heightened strength speed etc. Serums are constantly attempted to be improved to help Pax. Dr. Sheliene has used serums to temporarily give him other abilities. Pax has heightened senses and reflexes as well. Pax without the serum will lose healing factor. Pax is an optimist, very much impulsive and likes to play by the rules. Pax still is looking for his father to learn the truth behind things as he uses his abilities to protect people in the city. Outsider and various others encounter Pax. He strictly is against using guns and is armed with two staffs. Pax uses a lot of terms and slang, lacks a profanity filter at times. Logan has a tendency to fall for girls easily which leads to precarious situations. Very trusting and a team player. Logan Pax works as the ‘Ghost Fire’.



Classification: Villain, Alien/Human Hybrid

Abilities: Super Strength, Super Speed, Electricity manipulation, Invulnerability, Super Hearing, ability to defy gravity, Air Dashing (Agility)


Years after the original Project: Exodus was put on ice Vincent Michael an old friend who knew Michael’s secret would die and hold them to his grave or so they thought. After kidnapping Christina DiBella in the parking lot of the high school, he would call the Outsider out and leaving Christina’s Jacket in an alley way. After The Outsider would face off against someone similar to the original Exodus. After the Outsider believing the original Exodus was dead he tries to battle his inner demons while he questions if he will be able to stop someone like him. The Outsider would face off against Exodus and discover it is Vincent learns that he was created by Armagedon the same god-like creature responsible for Michael becoming Para GX. Exodus then takes the alien device, the key that Michael was meant to use to destroy the planet for Armagedon, and activates it. After the Key is activated Michael has to face Exodus and stop it after stopping the key. Exodus is locked away where someone intervenes and breaks him out of the Asylum. The second Exodus on the other hand is different from the original Exodus doesn’t just pose a threat

Weakness:Venenum, Red Kpg


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