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We've all heard the stories where the Hollywood elite find love outside of the gilded cage filled with ridiculously good-looking actors and actresses. Instead of ending up with another red carpet savvy celeb, they marry totally normal people like you and me. It's sweet and gives us regular folks a glimmer of hope that maybe Michael Fassbender will finally come to his senses and realize that he and I would be perfect together.

Sadly, if I'm being honest with myself, more often than not these Average Joes and Joannes are probably pretty incredible in their own rights. Heck, they were able to snag some of our favorite people in the public eye, they're bound to be pretty interesting. Still, I was somewhat surprised about just how impressive these A-List partners are.

Here are 15 celebrity spouses who are far from average and totally badass:

1. George and Amal Clooney

Amal Clooney is an Oxford and NYU educated lawyer, activist, author, and barrister for the Doughty Street Chambers, specializing in international law, criminal law, human rights, and extradition.

2. Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Tasha McCauley

Tasha McCauley is a robotics scientist who graduated from Bard College, Singularity University, and in 2013 earned a degree in International Business Education and Research from USC. She co-founded Fellow Robots, a robotics company stationed at NASA Research Park and speaks three languages (English, Spanish, and Arabic).

3. Benedict Cumberbatch and Sophie Hunter

While she has dipped her toes into singing and acting, Sophie Hunter is primarily a playwright and theater/opera director. Hunter co-founded the Lacuna Theatre Company and was an associated director for companies in West End and Broadway.

4. Scarlett Johansson and Romain Dauriac

Former journalist and magazine editor, Dauriac is currently a creative executive and co-owns an independent advertising agency.

5. George Lucas and Mellody Hobson

After graduating from Princeton University, Mellody Hobson joined Ariel Investments where she currently serves as President as well as being the Chairman of the Board of Directors for DreamWorks Animation. Hobson also serves on the board of a number of different arts and education organizations.

6. Fran Drescher and Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai

Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, a PhD graduate from MIT is listed as a scientist, inventor, entrepreneur, and holder of the patent for a software called EMAIL (not to be confused with 'email').

7. Ken Jeong and Tran Ho

Like her husband Ken, Tran Ho is a doctor. Ho is a family physician and a breast cancer survivor, making her smart as hell and a fighter.

8. Alan Rickman and Rima Horton

Rima Horton and Alan Rickman met as teenagers and have been together ever since. Horton ended up becoming an economist and politician. She was a Labour Party Councillor on the Kensington and Chelsea London Borough Council for 20 years until 2006. She was also an economics lecturer at Kingston University.

9. Julianna Margulies and Keith Lieberthal

Although Keith Lieberthal is six years Margulies' junior, he's had more successes than people twice his age. The Dartmouth and Harvard Law educated lawyer is the son of famous political scientist, Kenneth Guy Lieberthal, so we know he comes from a well-educated background.

10. Salma Hayek and François-Henri Pinault

François-Henri Pinault is a French businessman who worked his way up through Kering before being appointed the CEO. In more recent years, he went on to buy Puma and Volcom. The Pinault family's net worth is worth an estimated $15 billion.

11. Cynthia Nixon and Christine Marinoni

The Sex and the City actress' wife is an education activist and a special adviser for community partnerships in the Department of Education for New York mayor Bill de Blasio.

12. Meryl Streep and Don Gummer

Don Gummer, a renowned American sculptor, has been married to the amazing Meryl Streep since 1978. Gummer studied at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, Massachusetts and then completed his studies at the Yale School of Art earning a BFA and MFA. Today both Gummer and Streep are active philanthropists and supporters of the arts.

13. Tobey Maguire and Jennifer Meyer

After earning a degree from Syracuse University in Psychology, Meyer went on to work in public relations for Giorgio Armani and Ralph Lauren. In the early 2000s, however, Meyer went back to her childhood love of designing jewelry and ended up making a successful career of it, starting her own company.

14. Seth Meyers and Alexi Ashe

Alexi Ashe is a graduate of Southwestern University Law who went on to practice as a human rights lawyer and Assistant District Attorney under the King’s County DA.

15. Cate Blanchett and Andrew Upton

Australian Andrew Upton is a famous playwright, screenwriter, and stage director. His adaptations of Anton Chekhov, Henrik Ibsen, and Maxim Gorky's works have been performed at the Sydney Theatre Company and London's Royal National Theatre.

While I think everyone who has found love deserves congratulations, these celebrities really hit the jackpot when they married these "regular" people!

I guess that as a normal person all I have to do to win the heart of a celebrity is become a smart, successful, talented, dynamic, and good-looking person. Shouldn't be a problem, right?


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