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One of the biggest hits of comic book TV this year was the incredible Marvel's Agent Carter; a series set in the '40s before SHIELD was SHIELD, and when JARVIS was still a living, breathing man (with a penchant for schedules).

Despite being originally planned as a one-off short series, the show was so popular that it was renewed, presumably to fill the mid-season gap in Marvel's [Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.](tag:722469) for the second time.

While it was clear that we would always see the return of star Hayley Atwell, other cast members from season one were still unconfirmed, but now we have some news via on the major players who will be back in January, and what they might be doing in Season 2.

Warning: Spoilers from Season 1 ahead!

The Official Synopsis

Marvel’s Agent Carter returns for a second season of adventure and intrigue, starring Hayley Atwell in the titular role of the unstoppable secret agent for the SSR (Strategic Scientific Reserve). Dedicated to the fight against new atomic age threats in the wake of World War II, Peggy must now journey from New York City to Los Angeles for her most dangerous assignment yet. But even as she discovers new friends, a new home — and perhaps even a new love — she’s about to find out that the bright lights of the post-war Hollywood mask a more sinister threat to everyone she is sworn to protect.

Edwin Jarvis (James D'Arcy)

At the end of the first season, it did seem as though their work together could be finished. After all, the original purpose of that particular team-up was to clear Howard Stark's name, and collect his stolen weaponry. With that mission accomplished, wouldn't it be time for Jarvis to head back to his tightly scheduled evenings with the wife?

Of course not! It may make logical sense, but Peggy still has some ties to Stark and his man. For one thing, she is presumably living (with Angie) in the Stark-owned apartment we saw at the end of Season 1. She's also friends with Jarvis; after all their ups and downs, she isn't going to just walk away, never to see him again. Finally, we saw Jarvis develop a taste for adventure, and I'm guessing he may try to return to his old life and get rather bored.

As on of my favorite characters from Season 1, I can't wait to see where the writers take Jarvis this time.

Daniel Sousa (Enver Gjokaj)

This is not much of a surprise return, as Agent Sousa both works for the SSR with Peggy, and is her primary romantic interest. However, it is nice to know that we will get to see Peggy's relationship with Daniel develop over Season 2.

That's not to say that it looks like smooth sailing for the two of them! While Season 1 did see Peggy making a kind of peace with the loss of Captain America, I doubt she's completely over him just yet, or that Sousa will be able to resist comparing himself (cane and all) to the impossibly perfect Steve Rogers. On top of that, the two originally bonded over being outcasts in the SSR; Sousa was seen as inferior due to his need for a cane, and Carter for being a woman. Now that Carter is going to get a lot more credit (and more to do than just answering the phones) this could cause some friction between the two agents.

Dottie Underwood (Bridget Regan)

This is one of the most interesting return announcements for the season so far. The preternaturally bubbly blonde was discovered to be an agent of the Black Widow program in the first season, and narrowly escaped death at the hands of Agent Carter. There was always the hope that she would return, and now we just get to wonder how she plays into the LA storyline.

Dottie could be back for revenge, or perhaps to prove that she can take Carter down (not likely!). However, I'm wondering if she actually ran back to HQ and has now been sent on another mission which Carter is going to put a stop to. It would seem a little too simplistic, especially as now the SSR knows what she looks like... but you never know.

Lyndsy Fonseca (Angie Martinelli)

Finally, we are guaranteed to see more miss Angie, Peggy's only real friend outside of work. At the end of the first season, she had been set up with an apartment and left to follow her dreams of becoming an actress, which could have been the last we saw of her (other than the occasional cameo).

However, now that the setting of Season 2 has been revealed to be LA, it's no surprise that Angie will continue to be a series regular. How could she let Peggy go to Hollywood without her? Or, perhaps, Peggy follows her to Hollywood after she's had her big break, and there discovers Dottie and a new evil plan? Personally, I'm simply happy to see that we may get a little more of Peggy as a complete human, not just a butt-kicking secret agent (as fun as that is). I love the balance that Angie brings to the cast.

Who Else?

The final confirmed returning cast member is Chad Michael Murray as Agent Jack Thompson, who will presumably now be taking over the SSR. We'll have to wait and see who else will be returning to the show, but this is a solid start!

We're also bound to see some new faces appearing this season, especially as Peggy will be in a whole new city. I'm excited to see where Season 2 takes us, and especially thrilled to see what the incredible costume designers do for "Old Hollywood."

[Marvel's Agent Carter](tag:1119765) returns to CTV January 2016.


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