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I don't like saying it, but it's the truth. Ubisoft has reach that point where they're not even trying to make a good game anymore.

Sure, I understand why they keep doing it : the first game was a hit, the sequels were even better and no matter what they come up with, people will keep buying. But with the last instalment, which is set in London in the 19th century, a lot of people are complaining that every AC game is the basically the same over and over again. For me, the series lost their mojo after the second instalment, which is arguably the best in the whole series.

Here's why I think this series should disappear once and for all. We always start with some guy who doesn't know much about the world, then a tragedy happens in his entourage (either he loses a loved one or he gets taken by some templar and gets tortured). He then meets a former assassin who sees something in him and helps him become an expert assassin. The only exception to that rule was AC Rogue, where you played as a former assassin who was now a templar, but the game still evolved in the same way.

The sad thing in all of this is, Ubisoft is a triple A game developer, so they don't care about making good games anymore, they just care about gaining money, so they will keep milking the AC franchise until even they get bored of it. Seriously, the AC games have become a joke in recent years.

I remember when AC II was announced at E3, everyone was so damn exited. Now it's just like " oh look another AC game, hurray --' ". I believe now it's one game per year or every two years. Either way, it's too short of a timeframe, to get something properly done.

I don't want to make a debate, but look at Naughty Dog, they spend at least three whole years developing their games. Or in the aspect of developing an open-world environment, look at what Rocksteady has achieved with the Arkham series : it got from good to out-fucking-standing. Assassin's Creed is just the same boring stuff every year.

Not only is the story redundant, but the gameplay is still bad, even after 8 years of practice. Unity, which is one of the latest games, is the one with most bugs and glitches of the whole franchise. That's it, this series needs to go on a long vacation and never come back.

But I guess, as with everything in life, each and everyone of you will see things differently. Some will love it no matter what, some will be skeptical about it and some others, like me, will give up on it.


So, how do you feel towards the game series ?


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