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Call me crazy, but I was a serious fan of Terminator Genisys, despite pretty clear disinterest from mainstream movie critics. I think a lot of the time, bad press can actually help a movie, though. If you go into this with low expectations (which I certainly did after hearing about some of the negative reviews) you'll be in for a treat.

The movie adequately lives up to the first and second films, which in my opinion are two of the greatest sci-fi flicks ever, and it even called back to them with an abundance of Easter eggs. Some of them, you're sure to catch. Others were a little bit more low-key.

Here are 9 Easter eggs you may or may not have noticed in Terminator Genisys.

1. "Come with me if you want to live!"

The most obvious, the classic one-liner, "come with me if you want to live!" was shouted by Kyle Reese to Sarah Connor in the first film, by Arnold in the second, and we have Sarah returning the favor to Kyle Reese in Genisys. Epic.

2. There was a Game of Thrones connection with Sarah Connor

Emilia Clarke a.k.a. Khaleesi from Game of Thrones and Lena Headey a.k.a. Cersei Lannister from the show both played Sarah Connor. Headey played her in The Sarah Connor Chronicles and Clarke in Genisys. Their GoT characters are so different, which makes it even cooler that they both tackled this role.

3. John Connor's facial scars... still gross

In Terminator: Salvation when Connor has molten endoskeleton complete mess up his face, he's left with the same scars he appears with in Genisys.

4. Matt Smith, from 'Doctor Who' gets introduced right at the time machine scene

Subtle, but I think a little wink and a nod here. Matt Smith's character is introduced right at the time machine scene, and of course time travel is a huge part of Genisys in general.

5. The trio of Bill Paxton punks is back! But no Paxton...

These punks are a little more modern but JUST as punk-like. They think they can talk shit to the Terminator but little do they know that they have pretty much no chance of messing with his robot-ass.

6. That Smile... Also Back

John Connor taught the Terminator to smile to fit in Judgment Day, but it appears in Genisys, when Sarah Connor did the same, he actually got way worse. I can't deny that I laughed at a lot at Arnold's antics in the most recent film.

7. What are thooooose?! Sneakers are still fresh

The Nike Vandals are back. Funny to see them in the new film, and now that Nike has halted production on them, getting a pair would probably be super valuable. I need 'em!

8. Arnie vs. Arnie

They got the Arnold introduction out of the way in one of the more awesome ways possible. He fights a younger CGI version of himself, and it's just as epic and ridiculous as you could possibly hope.

9. Kyle Reese’s Genisys Arrival Is a Nod to the Sarah Connor Chronicles

The freeway time travel landing - which sounds utterly terrifying, by the way - is a nod to the Sarah Connor Chronicles, and luckily they survived it in both situations.


Did you catch all of those? Go see Terminator Genisys, it's out in theaters everywhere now!

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