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The Experience:

The Paramount Theater in Hollywood California
The Paramount Theater in Hollywood California

Yesterday I got the opportunity to represent Moviepilot at Paramount Pictures studio in Hollywood California to attend an early/private screening of the new film, Terminator Genisys. Part of the screening was letting the audience try out the demo for the new in-theater game 'Terminator Genisys: Revolution.' We all got to play the game on the Paramount Theater big screen. The experience was incredible due to the insane surround sound and giant screen that we were fortunate enough to play on.

Game Synopsis:

Example gameplay
Example gameplay

The year is 2028 and humanity is on the brink of extinction. Help John Connor in the war to save the human race in the official game of the new movie Terminator Genisys. Escape from the Skynet prison camp and fight the machines in this action-packed sci-fi shooter!


• Battle your way through stunningly rendered, post-apocalyptic locations

• Use your tactical prowess against a wide range of deadly enemies

• Easy-to-use, responsive mobile controls

How the Game Works

Helpful add-ons
Helpful add-ons

When we arrived into the theater, we were given a short presentation by one of the game designers about the new technology that they are trying to introduce with this game and how the game works. The starting process is a simple three step process:

(Step: 1) Pull out your mobile device and log onto the theater's wifi.

(Step: 2) Get recruited onto a team.

(Step: 3) Play and enjoy!

Basically, you're on separate teams, but everyone has the same goal which is to destroy all Terminators! The goal of the game is to see which team takes out the most Terminators within the round.

How to Play

The game is slightly confusing the first time around, but fortunately we got a second chance to redeem ourselves with a second round after we understood the concept a little bit more. You use your mobile device as a controller to shoot while you use the theater screen to see the action. Each team is a different color. Once you start playing, there are different colored targets. You shoot at the target that shares your team color. Your target then moves around on its own, so you have to fire using your mobile device as soon as your target lands on the Terminator. At the end of each round the number of kills between each team are then added up and shown on a list based on which team got the most and which team got the least number of kills. It is all pretty self explanatory once you begin playing.

The Final Outcome

All in all, once you understand the concept, it is a pretty simple and enjoyable game and is a cool little addition to go along with your movie experience. I am personally definitely on board with this idea!

What are your guys thoughts based on the idea of this new game? Let me know in the comment section below!

TERMINATOR GENISYS opens in theaters July 1st!


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