BySophia Rossero, writer at

Ok so this girl at school who is queen bee of all queen bees (code name M) so M friended A ( code name ) who is one of her BFFS. Well she never liked me. Here's an example !!!!!!!! At the band concert she came up to me and said " when did YOU get here?" And I said " I have been here the whole time." And she said " well I didn't no cause I couldn't see you." Then she gave me a fake smile! I wanted to say " well maybe no one could see you because of your gigantic butt. Maybe your the cause of Global warming ." But I didn't, cause I'm too NICE. Ugh in my BIRtHDAY she had to say that. Then we were playing truth or dare. And she wanted to play. I let her. Then she is all like never mind, it's a childish play. So I said it mockily " ok. Ok okokokokolokol." And I did the A walk. She walked with her chest sticking out. So I did the same and everyone laughed at her. Eat ur heart out! Sorry not sorry. No one messes with me and my Crew without punishment.


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