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The Green Goblin. How can you describe such a sinister and amazing villain? Intelligent, crazy, strong, durable... all the characteristics of a seemingly unbeatable villain, but alas, it has been done. His presence in the Marvel Comics universe is strong, with being one of it's main villains with the likes of Doctor Doom, Red Skull and Magneto.

The glider riding goblin might be a strong villain in the world of Marvel, but how would he fare against some of the godlike heroes of DC?

Let's take a look:

4) The Flash

Barry Allen
Barry Allen

With the abilities to run at the speed of light, phase through walls, speed read and store vast amounts of knowledge in his short-term memory, The Flash could at least easily evade the Goblin if unable to take him down. However, if he really wanted to, he could just travel back in time and stop the Goblin from ever being created in the first place.

3) Superman

Clark Kent
Clark Kent

That's right, the Big Blue Boy Scout is at #3 on this list. With superhuman strength, speed, vision, hearing, invulnerability, heat vision and flight, Superman could take out Green Goblin in seemingly one fowl-swoop. While the Goblin Glider can fly at up to 90 mph, this guy can travel faster than a speeding bullet. Combine that with his heat vision and you can have one roasted Goblin. That's unless Osborne has some kryptonite handy, of course.

2) Batman

Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne

Armed to the teeth with gadgets, detective skills that match that of Sherlock Holmes and more combat knowledge than your karate instructor, on top of being used to The Joker's antics (he's pretty much DC's equivalent Green Goblin, right?), Batman could easily take out the Green Goblin. With having almost no weaknesses outside of delegating, the Bat's researches background information on his foes, plans his attack and strikes without warning. Sounds like a good match, I say.

And now finally, the moment you've all been waiting for:

1) Martian Manhunter

Jolly green
Jolly green


With powers much like that of Superman's as well as shapeshifting, regeneration, invisibility, telekinesis, and telepathy, Martian Manhunter could easily both avoid and defeat Green Goblin. The best of both worlds, quite honestly. To win, it would take nothing more stretching an arm and delivering a knockout punch. If he's trying to hide or get away from the Goblin and his glider, all he would need to do is turn invisible. It's as simple as that.

Do you think any of these heroes could defeat Spider-Man's arch-nemesis? Let's discuss in the comments below!


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