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Major Spoilers ahead, so if you didn't see Jurassic World don't read this.


Spinosaurus is one of, if not the, Largest carnivorous dinosaur ever discovered, able to stand up to the mighty T-Rex

"Tyrannosaurus?" - Billy

"no, sounds bigger"- Alan Grant


  • size (about 60 feet)
  • huge claws
  • ferocity
  • at home in water and land


  • jaws designed to eat fish
  • possibly walked on all fours, limiting it's use, of it's claws as a weapon

Indominus Rex

The fist genetically engineering dinosaur hybrid in Jurassic world, the Indominus Rex is the stuff of nightmares.

"What ever you've created out their, it's no Dinosaur"- Owen Grady (Chris Pratt)


  • Size (over 50 feet long, and 18 feet tall "she was designed to be, bigger than the T-Rex")
  • huge claws
  • ferocity
  • strength of a T-Rex (T-Rex had the strongest bite force of any known animal)
  • Intelligence of a Raptor
  • can camouflage
  • other unknown characteristics, and abilities


no Known weaknesses.

Who I think would win

The Indominus Rex wins!

The Indominus Rex may have ultimately lost in Jurassic world, but remember it took the combined efforts of the T-Rex, velociraptors, and a mosasaurus to take it down. The Indominus Rex is stronger and smarter, than the spino, it can also use it's claws better, and has the ability to camouflage itself into the environment.

Who you think will win.


Who will win?


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