BySteven Cover, writer at

First let's put the past behind us and get things straight. We all know that marvel owns spidey and mcu is making a movie about spider-man. Witch right now is titled "the untitled spider man reboot" comming to theaters in 2017. Recently marvel casted Tom Holland to be Spider-Man. But first he's going to make his big debut in the 2016 blockbuster Captain America: Civil War.


So about the Spider-Man reboot, marvel has done a great job with all their movies but please DO NOT mess up Spider-Man! The past movies have been pretty good but they've lacked many things for example Sam Rami's movies lacked coolness and moderness while Mark Web's films had a hard time tying to convince people Andrew Garfield is a nerd we need a mediocre type of nerd first of all,Secondly there's almost no high school! They always only spend like 5 minuets in high school while in the comics he's been in high school the entire time!


In my opinion the villains have been pretty good for the last few movies but I'm a little bit tired of the green goblin in my opinion the villains should be venom,carnage,mysterio,sinister 6 but don't pay to much attention to green goblin


In all I think spider man in the hands of marvel is fine but if Spider-Man dances in the street pointing at girls I'm out.


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