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This is something my brother told me, and I am going to have to take his word for it because I can't find the stupid interview! He said that there is an interview with an individual from the Destiny team that was asked a question about Peter Dinklage's voice (Sounds shady to me). The Destiny personnel then replied that there will be another voice for the Ghost in Destiny 2, and that was all he could say about it.

I was shocked to hear this! Sure, the guy did not have a good start during the Alpha of the game, but they put some filters on his voice and I started to grow attached to the guy. It might be that he got so much flak from gamers for his voice over, or maybe its just that he is getting too expensive to keep around. What ever it could be, I hope that this is wrong or that they change their mind on the poor guy.

If they do change I hope Destiny 2 has someone that sounds almost like him. If not, it will take many... many hours to get used to my Ghost again.

If someone can find this please make a post and tell me about it, cause I want to know the truth!


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