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The seven book series of a boy with glasses and a lightning shaped scar has made quite an impact on many people. Aside from personally touching my life, the books and movies of Harry Potter have captured the hearts of many people around the world. Jk Rowling has weaved an incredible tale, full of adventure and fantasy. Her story has led to countless websites, games, and, articles. Harry Potter has been translated in over 67 languages, has thousands of fanfiction pieces based upon it, an amusement park, the invention of a surprisingly popular sport, quidditch, and even a “muggle” walking tour in London.

So what does Harry Potter have that all other stories are lacking? I have pieced together six reasons why Harry Potter is one of the most successful money making series within the last ten years:

1) Open up the book, and you are immediately transferred to a different world, a much needed escape from a boring, every day life:

Besides being astonishingly creative and overwhelmingly imaginative, Harry Potter has a certain element that all children writers should strive for. It allows the audience to feel as if they are escaping into another world, an appealing location that can take children away from a boring day-to-day life filled with homework and chores. It is an escape from the real world, a doorway into an adventurous, magical place with dragons, potions, and flying cars. The fact that in the beginning of the first novel Harry is just a normal boy with an unsatisfactory life definitely adds to the excitement of the idea behind this story as well. It allows children's imaginations to run wild as they picture themselves receiving an escort from Hagrid to a Hogwarts castle, a school for Witchcraft and Wizardry.

2) The series is applicable to all stages of life:

Harry Potter is a collection of universal movies and books, applying to both boys and girls- and even adults. The fact that everyone in the family can enjoy these books/movies definitely contributes to the success of the series. In actuality, a large number of the "Potterheads" or Harry Potter fanbase are comprised of adults. You can take into account the beauty of the storyline no matter what your age is, which is a major benefit to the series.

3) The three main characters are both relatable and enjoyable:

The main character, Harry Potter, and his trusty two sidekicks/best friends (Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley) all carry important traits. It is inevitable that you will be able to relate with either the brilliant and bright Hermione, the daring, courageous Harry Potter, or the goofy, and yet charismatic and loyal Ron Weasley, leading to another beneficial attribute Harry Potter contains: relatable main characters.

4) Voldemort:

The villain of the novels and film adaptations, Voldemort (or “he who shall not be named”) is honestly one of the greatest parts of the series. He is carefully crafted- the background behind why he is who he is and what caused him to look and act a certain way, the long and heroic battle between him and Harry, and the horrifying follower support system (the death eaters) all combine to form one of the most exceptionally terrifying villains of all time. The relation to the snake was a creative idea, as his horrible snakelike features and creepy ability to talk to snakes adds to his villainous persona. It is definitely important, in any series, to create a uniquely creepy villain that has a detailed storyline.

5) An extremely comprehensive plot:

The intense amount of detail put into the plot of the story is insane. With every potion name and creative magical addition to the storyline the plot becomes more detailed and much more elaborate and creative. Diagon alley, the Ministry of Magic, quidditch, Hogsmeade, the Hogwarts express etc. are all pieces that are stitched together to create a masterpiece. There are multiple plot twists to keep the story on edge as well. The series is both unique and incredibly detailed to the point where it is impossible to recreate or copy such an amazing idea (although attempted by many), and where it is clear that the idea is in fact original.

6) Hogwarts/ Dumbledore:

Hogwarts is another amazingly brilliant concept. It is the dream location for a fantasy series such as HP- revolving staircases, talking paintings, and teenagers trying to learn magic. The fact that the setting is an academy for most of the series is such a great idea, because Harry gets to learn about the wizarding world at the same time as we do- we get to feel as if we are following him to school, allowing us to receive knowledge about the story's plot in a creative way. Dumbledore, the school's headmaster, is such a great addition as well. He is witty and lovable, the typical wizard (a long white beard and robes), and he acts as a father figure to Harry throughout the lengthy series. His presence improves the quality of the story because he is a much needed supporter on the good side of magic. He helps Harry against Voldemort, and he is a teacher and a leader to many.

I could go on and on about what an amazing series HP is, and it would take quite a long time to go over the entire thing- the detail is insane (as previously mentioned) so I will leave it at this: It is a must read/watch for everyone. Harry Potter has changed my life for the better, and Jk Rowling has left quite an impression on the world.


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