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On paper, an all female renovation of Ivan Reitman's 1984 Ghostbusters double bill should have corporates blowing their noses in the script and trying to make a three-point shoot to the bin. However with comedy maestro Paul Feig at the helm of [Ghostbusters (2016)](tag:32733), concerns are diminishing as the Kristen Wiig/Melissa McCarthy/Feig prodigy is quickly becoming the most anticipated reboot of 2016. As filming started two weeks ago in Boston, Feig has spoiled audiences by providing set visuals to aid the image we have of an already, potentially sound plot.

As far as we know, the synopsis circles around Wiig and McCarthy's title characters, failed authors of written ghost existence cases subject to cynics and ridicule. After a hiatus to lick their wounds, they reunite and meet up with (Kate) McKinnon and Jones, agreeing to don paired uniforms along the way.

With the Bridesmaids' creator's Twitter being surveyed for each revealing tid bit on cast and production, Feig last night unveiled the first peek at Ghostbusters 3's spirit swatting foursome's rejuvenated beige overalls, confirming Leslie Jones will in fact be the fourth mogul 'buster following her absence from earlier set photos.

Feig's Khaki combats...
Feig's Khaki combats...

He later posted a detailed look at the girls weapon of choice, the Proton Pack, using the hashtag "", triggering praise from the choice to stay true to the original films design on both uniform and Pack.


With each new detail revealed, skepticism is being obliterated by aficionado's excitement and acceptance of rebooting one of Hollywood's most loved franchises, leaving us parched for more mouth watering set photos and our first look at Thor's Chris Hemsworth marking his role as receptionist Kevin.


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