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Kevin Bacon does what he does best, play a creepy villain, in Cop Car, by Focus World. The action thriller is set for release on August 7th.

Ten year olds, Travis (played by James Freedson-Jackson) and Harrison (played by Hayes Wellford) are on a hike outside their rural Colorado small when they discover an abandoned law enforcement car. With the doors unlocked and keys in the ignition, the young fellows decide to go on a joyride.

A bit of fun goes horribly wrong.
A bit of fun goes horribly wrong.

Their ride gets highly complicated and dangerous when they discover something in the vehicle that the local sheriff (played by Kevin Bacon) urgently wants to find.

The joy ride becomes a ride for their lives as the sheriff goes all out to find the boys and maintain the secret hidden in the car.

The script was written by Christopher Ford and Jon Watts. Watts also directed.

In addition Kevin Bacon and the young newcomers, Cop Car also stars Cameryn Manheim.

Nice stache...
Nice stache...

While it is going to easily considered a bit of a low-budget romp by some, look for others to vilify the filmmakers for creating a story that puts two young boys in serious, protracted danger.

Cop Car is relatively short at 88 minutes.

It is rated “R.”

Kevin Bacon has been busy this summer, touring with his brother Michael in their band, The Bacon Brothers.

He also stars in the upcoming horror thriller, 6 Miranda Drive and he also appears in the upcoming Black Mass, a crime drama about Whitey Bulger.

Black Mass is in theaters starting September 18th.


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