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With the release of The Revenant trailer today, buzz about lead Leonardo DiCaprio has spiked. In years past, Leo has been personally nominated for four Oscars, none of which have even been for his most beloved movies. This early in the year of film it's hard to predict the nominees for Best Lead Actor, but I believe he's guaranteed a nomination, alongside Jake Gyllenhaal and Matt Damon. I think, as of right now in the year, Matt Damon in The Martian will be his biggest competition. Space is "in" right now, and everyone loves a survival story. Since The Martian has both, plus an excellent lead actor in Matt Damon, it will definitely come home with at least a few awards.

Now, back to Leo. The Revenant takes on a new theme and setting not yet explored successfully this century. I'm excited to see how this whole film is received by audiences and critics alike.

DiCaprio is by no means alone in his Oscar chase in this new film. He stars alongside an already dignified and successful supporting actor, Tom Hardy. These two have already acted with each other in Inception, and Hardy has already had extreme success earlier this year in Mad Max: Fury Road. These two have already reached critical acclaim together and I think they're going to do it again.

Now, the last piece of the puzzle that will lead to success for Leo is his director. Fresh off a Best Original Screenplay, Best Director, and Best Picture award for Birdman, Alejandro González Iñárritu is sure to impress with this new film.

With all of these factors working in DiCaprio's favor, I think this may finally be the year he brings home the Oscar he's always wanted.

Let's hope Leo is this happy at the Oscars
Let's hope Leo is this happy at the Oscars


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