ByMartina Granés, writer at
Ok, this is amazing but... what is it about?

Ok, J.K. Rowling has told us this fabulous Harry Potter new days ago. She didn't want to give us more information about it, but I think she made our dreams come true.

I wasn't even born when the books were realesed but they mean a lot to me. We all know that the fanbase are freaking awesome because of all the theories and stuff they create day by day. And we were specting for this since a looong time. So... what are we waiting for? I'm not sure.

The only thing that we actually know is that it's a not really know part of Harry's life so... A PRECUEL. This is driving miself crazy.

The only thing we have to amuse our nerdy self is.... HARRY POTTER'S SPIN OFF! It's going to be staring by Eddie Raymund, the actor who played Stephen Hawking incredibly well in The Theory of Everything.

So, what do you think about the new book?


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