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I can only speak for myself but movies are a philanthropic endeavor. The physical act of storytelling is an act of generosity. To inform, to enlighten, to educate, to entertain. To take people out of their own cluttered and complex minds, their troubles and hardships. I have off and on worked in movie theatres for 3 years and change. Something I felt behoven to communicate to not only my usually younger coworkers but select customers was one very sincere thought. We are giving the men and women of our fair world an escape from the sometimes harsh reality of our lives. A two maybe three hour vacation from the stress of their day to day grind. A conduit to a dose of decompression, a teaspoon of sanity. A chance to peak into a world that can be without pain or consequence. All versions of storytelling can be applied to this sentiment. But movies are a medium that is larger than life, epic spectacle and grandeur. Magic if you will. It takes teams of collaboration and manpower to create. It is an art no matter the technology and automation utilized. That's why budget size is no promise of quality. Stories have the power to affect and move people. And the visual nature of film can consume your many senses and solidify your arrival to the before mentioned mental "vacation destination".

The world of comics has been everpresent since the 30's. Many characters are in a way , 80+ years old. That's a lotta life and adventures accumulated. And at its core most are rooted in a simple premise , good vs evil. Love vs hate.hero's vs villains. Who can't get behind that?! And the spectacular nature of the content i.e. flying, powers, magic, exaggerated abilities are such a perfect fit to this medium, the big screen. And I know not everybody is into the over the top themes that comics are. But even someone not on board with the comic book world can still connect with the moral and decent goal of their tales. You don't have to buy the laser beam vision of Superman , to get excited when he saves an innocent. You don't have to accept the unreal capacity of Captain America's shield in order to feel good seeing him kick some nazi's ass. So I am a true believer ( a nod to you Mr. Lee) in comic book movies. And I hope that you are too because our spent dollars are the only way to ensure their continuation.In a world chock full of a lack of morals and values I for one am glad to see Spiderman protect the little guy. To. See Superman pull that bus outta the river. To see batman push Of. Gordon out of the way of the gunfire. Cause maybe someday it'll inspire my son to do right by the hurt and weary. To protect the innocent. Or even inspire someone to help him if he is in need. So this is a short list of what I feel are the best examples of incredible comic book films and take it from the movie hag... I'd never steer you wrong

Superman 2

Man of Steel


Batman begins

The Dark Knight


Spiderman 2



Captain America

Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier

The Avengers

The Losers


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