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D.C. Ambrose here, an aspiring screenwriter with several novels under my belt, and an undeniable fanaticism for the Alien films, the first in particular. We've all heard about the new Alien film coming out soon, still in its embryonic stage, and we've all heard what the fans want. Now, I think its time to assemble a coherent plot exoskeleton for Blomkamp, notorious for his ability to weave 'human' stories, but is known to struggle with a plot in general (i.e. 'Elysium').

First, what he has so far: We know Blomkamp wants to include the return of Hicks and Ellen Ripley. This is VERY possible. What we also know is that he wants to cancel Alien 3 and Resurrection out of the canon circle. This is ALSO possible, but it is also possible to do so while at the same time FIXING the issues they brought into the canon in the first place. This means that the latter two installments CAN still exist in the story, so long as they are rendered irrelevant. Now, a PLOT TWIST can fix this issue. An entire film "set" between Alien 3 and Alien Resurrection, with the return of Ellen Ripley bringing the audience and the characters to a shocking conclusion at the beginning of Act III that swings the plot into a new direction and time period. Ripley 8, the "clone", is conquered from a psychological perspective. Ellen Ripley returns. Her memories, her personality, her drive to destroy the xenomorph and save humanity arises from the abyss of her psyche.

Although Resurrection takes place 200 years give or take AFTER Aliens and Alien 3, ANYTHING is possible with Sci-Fi. What the audience knows for a majority of the film is what IS.

Next, what can be ADDED. Every fan wants to see BISHOP in some form in the film. From Alien 3 we can deduce that Bishop's consciousness was derived from that of his creator, sort of like Cortana from Dr. Halsey in the HALO games. With this in mind; Bishop - i.e. Lance Henriksen - returning in some form is infinitely probable. This goes forward into Hicks's return. Androids are indistinguishable from humans in the Alien saga. Hint hint. Wink wink. Nudge nudge.

Finally, the kicker. ALIEN was a STRAIGHT HORROR FILM. Alien needs to go back to its roots. WHAT THE FANS NEED is a "resurrection" of that unstoppable killing machine, the ultimately unknowable infinitely destructive force of nature that a hapless crew is at the mercy of, that they have ONE SHOT at defeating, and it is a long shot at BEST. Neill Blomkamp is an amazing director and an amazing storyteller, but when it comes to narrating and illustrating a truly "alien" force, his specialty lies in telling the story of humanity. Of 'humans'. He doesn't have what it takes to tell a compelling story of overcoming a force of absolutely alien origin, ultimately not understandable by any one person.

What we need is a return to the horror of the first film. A true 'bang' to the ending of the 'Alien' saga. To bring the series full-circle, is to bring it BACK to its roots, to bring to the silver screen something that will terrify the audience once more. Have them running, puking and screaming from the showing once again. I have just the solution. And it just so happens to not interfere with Prometheus 2, or any idea that Neill Blomkamp and the fan-base intend to be in the final installment of the Alien saga.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present thee...

Alien Horizon.


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