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Craig Robinson (Hot Tub Time Machine; The Office) stars in the new NBC summer sitcom, Mr. Robinson, which premieres Wednesday, August 5th at 9pm.

He plays Craig Robinson (awesome first name, by the way), a musician and front man of the band “Nasty Delicious” who, in the hopes of bringing in more money, takes a job as a substitute teacher.

His instructor by day/rock star by night lifestyle clashes with Principal Taylor, played by Peri Gilpin (Roz from Fraser) and Supervisor Dalton, played by Tim Bagley, a perennial guest star who, according to his page, has an incredible 15 acting credits this year. Also starring is actor/standup comic Brandon T. Jackson.

Peri Gilpin plays Principal Taylor.
Peri Gilpin plays Principal Taylor.

The show has a six episode first season. It was originally intended for the 2013-2014 NBC season but was pushed back.

Amongst the executive producers for the show was Greg Daniels who last worked with Craig Robinson on The Office. Daniels worked on the original pilot.

The show draws on the star’s real life as Craig Robinson actually worked as an elementary school music teacher, having earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in music and a Master of Arts degree in education prior to his show business career.

Craig Robinson actually was a music teacher.
Craig Robinson actually was a music teacher.

Craig Robinson will appear in the upcoming films, Zeroville and Lost in Austin. He also appears in three movies set for release in 2016.


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