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Dustin Avery

Superman is one of the original and most iconic superheroes in the world. He is gifted on earth with almost god like ability, he can lift planets, freeze oceans, burn through most anything, soar through the skies more graceful than a bird and faster than a jet, runs faster than a speeding bullet and can stop said bullet in it's tracks. Let's be honest, he's almost unstoppable.

All of these things that make Superman great also make him one of the most controversial figures in comic and pop culture history. He is loved worldwide by many but equally ( if not more) hated. Im here to help people remember Superman is more than a super powered freak, he is a symbol of humanity.

Clark Kent

I want to begin with Supermans alter ego, the clumsy, humble and truly human Clark Kent. Honestly as an adult I've truly come to love Clark and understand that he is what truly drives the story and heart of Superman. Sure the comics aren't called Clark Kent, but this is where you see the Superman become just a man. Clark is so human because like all of us, he's learning what life is about. He is struggling to maintain a career, get the girl, at times just not make fool out of himself and figure out what's wrong and what's right. A lot of times when Superman has a tough decision to make, you see him struggle with it as Clark because that's who deep down Superman really is. He wants to be accepted, live a normal life and he wants to love. Which brings me to:

Lois Lane

Lois is another element of the story that brings the bigger picture of Supes humanity to light. Lois easily falls in love with superman ( or lusts after Superman) but, it is the love story between Lois and Clark that is really intriguing. Superman can have Lois a woman he loves any time but, he wants her to love Clark. Why? Clark is not the secret identity, Superman is. He wants her to fall in love with man he truly is not the powerful Superhuman he has to be. The most human thing though about this relationship happens when Superman has to choose between Lois and the rest of Metropolis. Yes normally he can save both but more often than not his humanity wins out and the first person he save is the love of his life. It's not the right decision when you are faced with saving one person over 15 and you decide to save the one first, it is the human reaction though. All of this humanity from an alien comes from:

The Kents

Jonathan and Martha Kent are in my opinion two of the most important characters in the Superman continuity. They were an amazing pair of people who were unable to have children of their own, when they found Kal El, a child they later renamed Clark Kent. The Kenya took a child they knew was not normal and not from this world and raised them as their own. They instilled morals and that all important humanity into a child not even born of earth. They taught him to love and respect people, to never lose sight of what's right and wrong and ultimately are the reason people call him a boys scout.

In conclusion, these are only a few examples of why superman should be loved. He is a character built and created based on morals, something we lack in American society today. I love Batman, he's dark, gritty, and an emotional train wreck, but when you need a hero.... Who doesn't want Superman. Superman, is leadership, honor, hope, and even though he is an alien he is massively human.


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