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The first trailer for the Rocky spin-off film, Creed, has hit the web!

Check it out:

Michael B. Jordan (Fruitvale Station, Fantastic Four) stars as Adonis Creed, the son of famed boxer Apollo Creed, the boxer who died in the ring with Ivan Drago during the events of Rocky IV. Adonis, like his father, is a fighter. He seeks out former World Heavyweight Champion Rocky Balboa to train him in the ring.

As a fan of both the Rocky Balboa character and majority of the Rocky films, Creed instantly came up on my radar as soon as it was announced. But with Michael B Jordan playing the lead and Ryan Coogler (Fruitvale Station) directing, I knew this was going to be something special.

Ryan Coogler and Michael B. Jordan
Ryan Coogler and Michael B. Jordan

Ryan Coogler's directorial debut was 2013's Fruitvale Station, a very impressive film which should have earned Michael B. Jordan an Oscar nomination for his work. Coogler created a very emotional film about family and loss and Jordan gave a phenomenal performance. Those two re-teaming for Creed makes me a very happy fan of both the Rocky franchise and film in general, this seems like the natural progression for a young director of his talent.

The trailer for Creed was fantastic! This feels like a Rocky film, training montages included. Michael B. Jordan got into incredible shape for this physically demanding role and seems to be putting his all into playing the character of Adonis Creed.

It seems from the beginning of the trailer that Adonis isn't necessarily all to fond of his famous heritage. His father died in the ring and when reminded of that he says, "I don't know him, that's got nothing to do with me." It seems as though Adonis wants to prove himself based on his own skill in the ring, not on what his father did before him.

Of course, Creed not only serves as a Rocky spin-off but also the return of Rocky himself, as Sylvester Stallone is playing Rocky once again, but this time to train up his old friend's son.

I was more than impressed by the Creed trailer, it gave me everything I wanted and more. Could this be the start of a Creed franchise? Only time will tell.

Creed stars Michael B. Jordan (Fantastic Four), Sylvester Stallone (The Expendables 3) and is directed by Ryan Coogler (Fruitvale Station).

Creed hits theaters November 25th 2015.


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