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I want to start this post by saying I DO NOT OWN THE WRITES TO THE FLASH. The Flash ©2014 DC Comics, Warner Bros., The CW & associated entities. No infringement intended. This post is about how I'd go about season two if I was hired to write the screenplays for the episodes. Below will only be me showing how I would start Episode 1 and I'll break down my process of why this would be a great start. If you feel the same way or you want to chat about how you would change it, I'd love to see comments on here. And if you like it enough, spread the word so we can get this into the show!

Episode 1

After the downfall of the Flash's Arch Nemesis, Reverse-Flash, a singularity hovers Above Central City, a Black Hole, sucking up the entire city until nothing is left. Barry Allen, a former awkward forensic scientist known by the citizens of Central City as the superhero The Flash, plans to understand the new timeline he has fallen into, and return to his friends and family.

When the Black Hole caused by the second particle accelerator is engulfing the city, Barry says his farewells to his love ones and rushes up the debris being lifted into the sky to reach the Singularity and close it using his speed force abilities. Barry, inside the Black Hole, sees images of things to comes - though at the time, he doesn't quite seem to understand what they are - and is teleported into Central City, but not the Central City he's lived in.

As Barry explores this new version of his beloved home, he comes across a bank heist in progress and proceeds to interrupt the crime, but he seems to have met an enemy he was not prepared for - Samuel Scudder, Also known as Mirror Master. All seems hopeless to scarlet speedster as he's not sure how to go about finding a weak spot around Mirror Master's abilities, however, in just a matter of seconds, he finds himself being assisted by another speedster, known to this timeline as Jason Garrick. Mirror Master retreats into what he calls the "Mirror World,", leaving the two speedsters to talk.

The two speedsters go to the top of the Central City police department as Jason Garrick explains to Barry that this is Earth-Two, a parallel timeline where he is the this world's "Flash" and that he's one of the founding members of The Wonders of the World, although some day Barry will come to know them by another team name. Barry has so many questions but before Jason can answer them, Jason receives words through his communicator that Mirror Master has shown up again. The two speedsters race in seconds to the crime scene. They see no signs of Samuel anyway, but before they have time to react, Mirror Master pulls them into the Mirror World. In this world, Mirror Master controls however many clones he can create for himself.

As the speedsters fight outnumbered and seemingly hordes of clones, Jason shows Barry some "Tricks" with the speed force. Conducting a build up of so much speed force through his body, everyone unaffected by the speed force seems to be going slow motion, as Barry and Jason are then able to "appear" as just walking at normal pace. Jason tells Barry "it's a lot more fun this way" as Barry seems to enjoy himself. Jason tells Barry they need to find the "Real" Mirror master and activate the Mirror Gun to create a portal to the real world.

After defeating Mirror Master, Jason is proud to see that this younger Flash has what it takes to carry on a Legacy of great speedsters. Though Barry was proud of hearing this, he asked him how he can return to his timeline. Jason simply says that he's almost positive young Barry has already done something similar to this, it focuses on that same principle but on a grand scale. Before Barry leaves, Jason tells him that if he needs him, just stop by again. But be sure if it's absolutely necessary.

Barry returns to his Timeline and is embraced by his adopted family, colleagues, and Iris, his love. They ask him all about what happened inside the Black Hole, he was gone for an hour. Barry laughs and begins to tell them about Earth-Two. Somewhere in Central City, a man is seen sitting on a chair looking at the computer monitors, as a diagram of a Flute is showing, as the camera panels close to the figures face partially covered with his green hood, he speaks of having a rematch with S.T.A.R. Labs and The Flash.

So let's break down each paragraph and I'll do my best to explain why I set it up like this.

the start of it is where the show left off in the first season. We saw Reverse-Flash die or get his existence in this timeline wiped out because Eddie shot himself, seeing as though they were related he though if he died, he could kill the Fake Harrison Wells too. And he did. So his first threat is eliminated. Now you have a big black hole in the sky to deal with. Which leads us to the next paragraph.

He runs up and spins around the opposite direction of the rotation to try to counter and neutralize it. As he did that, I thought it'd be interesting if he created a time anomaly and got sent into Earth-Two. Though he doesn't know it at the time, he just starts to think he's back in his Central City.

As he's exploring the city, he notices some land marks that he doesn't recognize, this could be an interesting moment to should this Earth-Two's "Hall of Justice" or HQ. Then he comes across a bank heist being pulled off. Naturally Barry wants to help people so he goes start to the scene where we can introduce one of his significant Rouges villain Mirror Master. He's never met him in his timeline - yet - so he considers him just like any other thug. But his ability to travel through mirrors completely blindsides him. It's a one-sided fight, mirror master has experience fighting speedsters but Barry doesn't know that. This would be an amazing opportunity to showcase Jason "Jay" Garrick, Earth-Two's Flash. He's older and knows how to handle himself but he's completely surprised by seeing Barry. This gives Mirror Master an opportunity to retreat, since he's no fool, he knows he's not prepared for two Flashes.

This just leaves our two Speedsters and a bunch of confused police officers. From here we can have some fun banter between the two, One Older Flash and one younger Flash, both know for playful joking. Jay says hey, let's talk, and voosh, they're off, with Jay leading. They could go anywhere but I thought on top of the police department building. Now the way Jay approaches communicating with a confused Barry would be very crucial, Barry's dad is in prison and the man he looked up to was his enemy, he needs a mentor type alpha male to help him understand what is going on with him, and while Joe has been helpful, he has no clue of any of this. So jay tells him his theory: an event happened that caused a minor rip in time-space and Barry came to Earth-two, a parallel timeline where Jay is the Flash of this time and Barry is the flash of Earth-One. We could also throw in huge fan service and have Jay introduce himself as a founding member of a league of superheroes called The Wonders of the World, this would be huge for fans because it'd follow by him saying it might not be called that in Barry's timeline but it hints it will happen for him too. We want to see a well done justice league and this gives fans possibilities to look forward to. We could also play with the idea that Barry would be like a "kid in a candy store" by asking tons of questions, but we'll interrupt him because They see sirens blaring and they assume it's mirror master.

so they reach the scene, and they see no signs of him around for blocks, but they know that this is the place significant to his next step, but they don't know why. Well here is when we find out - because they get immediately sucked into Mirror Master's "Mirror World" - now they are at his mercy as he summons endless amounts of mirror clones. This would be an awesome moment to showcase some cool action scenes between the two of them, as well as hilarious as Jay shows him some "tricks" with speed force. In the comics, I love the visual effects of seeing him engulfed in lighting as he's walking normally when actually he's going so fast everyone else is in slow motion. Jay finally tells Barry about finding the real one because he has a device to bring them back to the real world, and they do.

after they return to the real world, this could be pivotal moment for Jay as he could potentially encourage Barry's way of thinking things through. So he tells him something along the lines of you'll make the Flash legacy proud, which again, huge fan service because now we know for sure there's a lot more speedsters with the possibility of popping up everywhere in this season. Barry feels honored by his remarke but thinks oh shoot, how do I get back, and Jay logically says well this couldn't have been the first time Barry went through time, maybe not to this extreme but that only proves he's getting more powerful. He tells him it's essentially the same principle just on a major scale. Gives him some pointers and says if he needs him, Jay will be around. They say their goodbyes and Barry returns.

nearing the end of this epic tale as Barry is embraced by everyone who was there for him this whole time and of course they'll wonder what happened and he brags about it as he's telling them, meanwhile, we see a young lad looking at monitors with a schematics for a flute and some other gear. He's preparing, but for what? As we get a closer look, we can hear that he is planning a trip to see his friends at star labs and the flash. The end.

that was a long step by step through my process but I really hope you enjoyed it. I'll leave a business email if you guys believe it's good enough to show off to CW, link them on Twitter, Facebook to this page. Any help is appreciated. Even if they do t contact me, just knowing my thoughts and work is getting out to people really means a lot. Will post more in the future if you like!

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