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Excited to see the next part of my tour in CosplaySky’s facility? Check out the following photos on how they were able to recreate Captain America’s costume from the Age of Ultron movie!

For stages 1-3, check out this post

Step 4: Cutting out the patterns.

Of course in order to assemble the costume the parts need to be cut out first. The cutting becomes easier since you only have to follow the patterns created by the CAD graph plotter or cut by your scissors. There are labels as well so the people who will sew them later on will know which part goes where.

Most of you guys do not have the CAD graph plotter I suppose. So that is why you need shearing scissors to cut the design paper into different parts.

Step 5: Laying out the patterns.

The next thing they did is layout the patterns in the designated colored cloth. This is to assure that every piece will definitely go with the costume and not one piece will be lost. It looks like a puzzle at this point. This step is one of the most important ones since the blue, red and white cloth is the main parts of the full set.

Step 6: Time for sewing!

I personally have no talent in sewing but I appreciate people who can.

The electronic sewing machine is not like any that you’ve seen. The designer said that it was imported from Japan and is used by professionals. It can be even turned off by itself when nobody is using. Talk about high-tech, lol.

Of course if you cannot afford an electronic one, you can also buy a normal one which can help you get the sewing work done.

The 190 pieces for this costume are coming together and looking great! Can’t wait to see the finished product.

This is the body of the costume. Can you guess which part of the second costume this is?

It’s important that the front and back stitches are clean. The white stuffing you see will be covered and make your suit look fluffy. You can tell that the sewing machine is really high grade with the stitches.

The sewer here is attaching Cap’s star. The one you see in the middle?

It didn’t come as a surprise to me that they make their own embellishments for their costumes. The star is also manufactured by CosplaySky themselves that’s why it fits perfectly.

Hooray the star is attached! Now for the sleeves of the costume.

The last parts that will be attached are the sleeves and the top is done.

Now it’s time to sew the pants together! We’re almost there.

Step 7: Pictorials for the finished product.

Once the product is done, it will be inspected and if it passes their standards then it will have its own pictorial. How come these costumes have their own stage and professional photographer? I mean, I can pose better, just kidding though.

The final product fresh out of the factory! They don’t really tweak with Photoshop, only adjust the lighting so the person will be able to view the costume as how it should be. It’s now ready to be uploaded to their website for cosplayers to purchase.

I could say visiting CosplaySky’s factory was one of the most memorable things that ever happened to me. I was more than happy to be invited and was able to meet the amazing people behind the creation of their costumes. I can really say that their costumes are all handled with love and care since they are really manually sewn and not machine made. Kudos to everyone is CosplaySky!

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