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Poor Paris. Being made to feel like you're about to die in a plane crash truly is awful. No-one should have to go through that. If you didn't catch what happened, recently Paris Hilton underwent a cruel prank by Egyptian TV host Ramez Galal that left the celeb pretty shaken. But after finding her feet again, Paris is now taking action.

The socialite is now about to hit Egyptian TV show Ramez in Control right where it hurts: the wallet.

What happened?

Host Ramez Galal has apparently terrified several celebrities using this 'prank' and managed to convince Paris to take a flight over Dubai while she was visiting for a promotional trip to open a new hotel, and she seemed extremely reluctant but eventually agreed to the 15-minute trip.

The video of this seriously bad taste joke is appalling, and you can see the genuine terror she is going through.

About five minutes after take-off, alarms begin to sound and the plane seems to be spiraling out of control. Two people were even seen throwing themselves out of the back of the plane strapped to parachutes, with Paris screaming "I don't want to jump!"

After several minutes of blind panic, the plane lands safely with a clearly frightened Paris exiting with 'prankster' Ramez.

Bombarding him with questions, the clearly shaken Paris is not happy to discover that it's all a prank, screaming at the presenter "I'm going to kill you!"

Did she know what to expect?

Speculation has arisen that she must have known about the prank, but apparently this is not the case, and she is seeking legal advice to sue the company that makes the program. Her lawyers say she has a very strong case to sue for 'emotional distress,' and let's face it, there's a lot of concrete evidence to prove it!

Taking to Twitter after the 'joke' was played on her she said:

She even says that dying in a plane crash is her "biggest fear" during the video. Eventually she is seen waving at the camera as she tries to let the news sink in that none of her ordeal was real.

Love her or hate her, you've got to admit that this prank was waaay harsh, and she should get, amongst other things, a big sorry from the makers and host of the show; especially since she's admitted that the stunt has left her with a great fear of flying, which she has to do a LOT in her life.

Watch the full horrific video below:

We hope you're ok Paris, we're right behind you!

source: daily mail


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