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Jessie Cave is best known for her role as Lavender Brown in the Harry Potter films. Lavender was the poor girl stuck in the love triangle with Ron and Hermione. This young witch had incredible skills and was able to execute Divination and Transfiguration spells pretty darn well; she even had the ability to produce a Patronus Charm. But, even this was not enough for her to win the heart of Ron Weasley, who broke up with Lavender for Hermione.

Now, if Ron Weasley were real, he would be regretting his decision because Jessie Cave has grown up to be a multi-talented young lady. Meet Jessie Cave!

Jessie Cave, The Comedian

For those who have not been following the actress since the Harry Potter films came to an end, you may be unfamiliar with her projects outside of Hogwarts. When Jessie Cave is not acting she is always busy blogging on her website, Pin Dippy. Her website openly reveals her fears, anxieties and the good things in life that happen to her. It is full of her witty sense of humor and she posts a whole variety of uplifting content for her readers.

Take a look at this funny video of her talking about her fears during her pregnancy:

Keep an eye out for other Harry Potter stars too:

Jessie's videos often feature her Harry Potter co-stars. In this cool video, Jessie Cave tries to persuade actress Evanna Lynch (Luna Lovegood) to join her non-Harry Potter book club. What could possibly go wrong?

She's an artist:

Back in 2010, Jessie made a pact with herself to do a doodle a day for twitter. After suffering like many women from fears of failing and self doubt, she decided to document her feelings in the form of doodles. Jessie started the twitter page hoping to cover what other people may face in their lives too, in the hope that they can relate to her doodles.

In Jessie's words the drawings cover:

"My love life, my ambition, my laziness, my jealousy, my fears, my addiction to the internet... the drawings are like my diary. I feel bad when I don't do one every day."

Have you ever had these same thoughts?

Her witty sense of humor really springs out in her drawings:

The news is always full of doom and gloom.

I love the sarcastic title with this doodle:

Tinder troubles:

This one is so funny, a similar scenario happened to a friend of mine! How awkward...

Where do couples find those cans?

Anyone guilty of this thought?

Jessie has just released a book showcasing her doodles titled Love Sick. The book covers all aspects of relationships from liking someone, to love, friendship and breaking up. The doodles were born from the different embarrassing and confusing situations that women may find themselves in with dating and is filled with witty titles to complement the light-hearted doodles too.

"I use doodling to express myself. I find it very cathartic and most of them reflect my twenty-something angst and worries about everything and anything."

Look how much Lavender has transformed, too:

You missed out Ron Wesley !

If you are in need of a pick-me-up, then Jessie's book of light-hearted doodles is for you! Head over to this link to find out more about Love Sick, which is coming out tomorrow, July 2, and maybe even treat yourself to this book of doodles.


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