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I have no shame in being a bonafide grown-up and harboring a deep and bubbling excitement for the impending Power Rangers movie reboot, because, as I discuss in a little bit more detail here, the original series still stands as one of the greatest pieces of kids' entertainment of the past 2 decades!

And with this year being Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie's 20th anniversary (feel that age yet?), what better way to celebrate is there than hopping on the Spoiler Express and getting a breakdown of what could be the reboot's opening act. And it's pretty cool (read: gloriously cheesy and super '90s)!

Umberto Gonzales, Lord of the Leaks, got the lowdown on the reboot's particulars, but remember to take this with a healthy... well, a liberal dousing of salt, because there has yet to be an official announcement from both Lionsgate and Saban, or an official source for the info...:

Power Rangers Reboot - Opening Act

  • Enter Zordon, The OG Red Ranger

The movie will open during Earth's cretaceous period where Zordon, the original Red Ranger, and his team of Mighty Morphers are in battle with Rita Repulsa. Zordon detonates a black hole in order to defeat the toothy jester, which is seemingly successful.

Rita's is pleased with this
Rita's is pleased with this

  • Meanwhile, 65 Million Years Later...

This is when we get introduced to our future multicolored heroes.

-- In Hart Automotive, a car dealership garage in Angel Grove, we meet 16-year-old Jason who begins receiving strange messages from his buddy Billy.

-- Over at Dave and Busters, we're introduced to a 16-year-old Zack who is owning at an arcade basketball game. Physically gifted and athletic, his intro aims to portray him as not much of a team player as he selfishly declines joining the school basketball team.

-- Back to Hart Automobile where we meet the perfectionist Kimberley, who sneaks into her father's garage to make out with Jason. They get caught by the father. Gutted!

-- Next to a bedroom where we meet Billy, who is described as being "brilliant in his own way." He receives a message from Jason who says he's on his way.

-- Then enter Trini, the "loner," who is casually doing yoga in the desert. As you do.

  • Teenagers with Attitude

-- Jason and Billy head to a decommissioned military base to investigate a T-Rex fossil Billy located on... Google Earth, where they stumble across the 5 power coins that belonged to Zordon and his pals.

-- Later, Zack, Jason, Trini, Billy and Kimberley meet at the beach in Angel Grove and work together, for the first time, to aid civilians who have been trapped amongst the waves after a meteor shower causes the waves to grow to dangerous proportions.

-- Elsewhere, in some kind of mysterious teleportation room, Zordon appears as an ethereal shade of himself, trapped in a glass tube. He meets Alpha 5, his robo-sidekick, who informs Zordon/us that when the black hole was detonated, a rift in space and time was created, transporting them millions of years into the future.


-- Zordon realizes Rita Repulsa still lives, and we see her awaken in Russia.

-- Zordon and Alpha 5 learn that Repulsa plans to steal gold in order to reconstruct her henchman Goldar, who shattered into innumerable shards of the precious metal.

Thank you, internet.
Thank you, internet.

-- Then Zordon and Alpha learn that the 5 power coins have already bonded with 5 teenagers who aren't ready to become Power Rangers, let alone save the world from impending disaster. Rangers are trained from an early age how to... Ranger, so will our 5 heroes be ready in time?

Go Go Rebooted Rangers!


That all sounds ridiculously awesome, don't you think? And very similar to The Avengers and X-Men: First Class, the latter being written by Ashley Miller and Zack Stentz who are also penning the Power Rangers reboot.

It's a tried and tested formula for the prologue movie - a mismatched team are corralled together in order to defeat some over arching big bad - but successful, as evidenced by the movies mentioned above.

But despite the awesome cheesiness, there are some glaring issues in the synopsis... like Google Earth? Billy manages to come across an untouched and unmanned T-Rex fossil on GOOGLE EARTH?! Legit. The whole fact that the Rangers have an oddly specific 71 hours to save the world is a bit "what, why?" also. Plus, how does one go about detonating a black hole?

Additionally, the racial stereotyping is a bit teeth grindingly awkward too - Zack being the sporty, womanizing African-American, and Trini being the exotic and mysterious Asian-American being all exotic and mysterious in the desert. Surely we're beyond this now, huh?

Oh to Be a Ranger

In-keeping with the casting paradigm of the past seasons of Power Rangers, it seems as if Lionsgate and Saban will want to cast relatively or completely unknown actors in to portray the teenagers with attitude.

Which is perfect for director Dean Israelite, who directed a cast of relatively unknown performers in Project Almanac. But who of the new and upcoming stars would slip into the power suits with ease?

Zachary Gordon as Jason, The Red Ranger

Age: 17

Why: You may remember the three time Young Artist Award Best Leading Young Actor nominee from his role as the protagonist in Diary of a Wimpy Kid. The talented young actor has the chops to pull off the leader of the Power Rangers.

Joey King as Kimberley, The Pink Ranger

Age: 16

Why: Not so much a new actor, the young King has become a regular fixture in homes and cinemas, with roles in The Dark Knight Rises, the Fargo series, White House Down and the impending Independence Day: Resurgence. I think it's about time she got to kick some ass.

RJ Cyler as Zack, The Black Ranger

Age: 20

Why: The multi-talented actor, comedian and dancer would be a brilliant addition to the team. Recently seen in Me, Earl and the Dying Girl, the youngster could bring the comedy and physicality needed to portray Zack as he needs to be.

Tiffany Espensen as Trini, The Yellow Ranger

Age: 16

Why: The prolific youngster has appeared in a ton of TV series during her short time on the planet, so what better way to carve out a career on the screen than to appear in the Power Rangers reboot?

Thomas Brodie-Sangster as Billy, The Blue Ranger

Age: 25

Why: Bit of an outside chance this one, but I'm a huge fan of Brodie-Sangster. He was brilliant in Game of Thrones as the greenseer Jojen Reed. Controversial, but it seems at the moment you can't have a superhero movie without British actors. Not that that's the only reason I chose him, Brodie-Sangster has quite the talent at playing obscure and brilliant characters, so having him on board as the Blue Ranger would, for me, be a no-brainer.

Anyway, irrespective of my casting choices, whosoever Saban and Lionsgate decide to hire will be perfect for the roles. I just can't wait to see the movie. Like, I really cannot wait!

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