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Despite there being seven books and eight movies, there is still so much we don't know about the Harry Potter universe. The sad truth is that we will never know what happened every second of every day in the wizarding world, but that's where awesome fan artists come in.

Imagining what something we didn't see or hear about in the movies or books might have been like, these artists have cleverly constructed their own vision of what might have been going on with our favorite witches, wizards, and magical beings. Take a look!

1. Ron and Crookshanks Play Chess by Morgane Velten

Looks like Ron finally warmed up to Crookshanks, even playing his favorite game with the cat, after the whole Scabbers incident.

2. Young James Potter and Lily Evans by Cinderellylupin

I love how this image both captures the love between these two and their personalities: Lily's poise and James' boisterousness. It would be awesome to see more of Lily and James when they were at school...can we get that movie, please?

3. Dobby's 365 Pairs of Socks by Ripplen

We heard about Harry resolving to buy socks for Dobby for every day of the year in gratitude for helping him with the Second Task of the Triwizard Tournament, and we know that he, Ron and Hermione had fun choosing them, but I was never sure that they'd actually gotten all those pairs!

4. Messing Around During an All-Nighter by TwiggyMcBones

All those sleepless nights cramming before exams and trying to scribble out papers must have surely hosted some great wizarding pranks in the desperate wee hours of the night.

5. George's Mirror of Erised by viria13

This one hits where it hurts. *Sobs in a corner*

6. Dumbledore's Encounter with the Room of Requirement by TomScribble

I always loved Dumbledore's recounting of his encounter with the Room of Requirement, in which he stumbled around the castle in the middle of the night looking for a bathroom. Look at all those magnificent chamber pots!

7. Stealth Dementor by madeliveva

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Looks like the Dementors hit upon hard times after the fall of the Dark Lord and have resorted to "clever" tactics to find a soul smoothie.


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