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In order for the plots of our favorite Disney movies to work, there are characters and influencers we never see lurking in the backstory, but what would it look like if they had the chance to be drawn again and have their moment in the limelight?

The guys at Dorkly have really hit it out of the ballpark with their awesome drawings doing just that, so let's meet some of the characters Disney never wanted you to see:

The Genie's Curse

Remember how Genie has been trapped in the "itty bitty living space" of his lamp for over 10,000 years?

This means that before he met the noble Aladdin, Genie must have encountered plenty of absolute jerks like the fat dude above who only care about themselves and condemn the person who granted their wishes to hundreds of years more of slavey.


Freezing the whole of Arendale without any casualties being caught beneath the ice? Pfffffft, what is this, a fairytale or something?

The Doyenne of the Dalmatian Look

Cruella de Vil might have been a wealthy heiress, but she definitely wasn't a fashion designer.

The impulsive Disney villain was obviously following a trend with her desperate desire for a Dalmatian fur coat, so there must be a despicable designer in the Disney universe who thinks puppies are so much more chic as pelts.

Ariel's Assets

That clam bra she was wearing was only trying to make a living for his family, goddammit!

Bowels of the Beast

If all of the other household items in Beauty and the Beast can talk, why not the toilet? Let's all take a moment of silence to remember this dirty little secret who regularly tastes the bowels of the Beast.

(Source: Dorkly)


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