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Young Justice ended in 2013 and I still think about it till this day. I remember I would wake up at 7am. On a saturday to wait for Young Justice and Legend Of Korra both shows that were screwed by the suits. Despite having better ratings than prime time television shows. I remember why the show ended it was that the second season didn't have as many viewers (still millions tuned in) than the first season. Also a toy dispute with Hasbro I believe know one was buying the merchandise becuase it sucked. Which caused Warner Bros. Lots of money and ultimately the cancellation of the show. Oh and the other reason was Cartoon Network wanted a more kids friendly show which is where Teen Titans Go! Came into place. So Cartoon Network didn't order a 3rd season. To the fans hate we all type our feelings on blogs made petitions bit we couldn't sway the minds but. Recently I've back tracked and rewatched the first season and now I want the show back even more. Greg Weisman is getting older and probably won't agree to be apart of the 3rd season I just want Young Jusice back.


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