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Kaley Cuoco tied the knot with tennis star Ryan Sweeting in 2013, but rumors are already swirling around tabloid town that the pair's marriage is in serious trouble.

According to the slimy unnamed insider whispering into OK Magazine's ear, the pair's hasty engagement after dating each other for just 3 months is the root of the problem, the anonymous source spilled:

"Kaley is really paranoid...she doesn't let him out of her sight. She always asks Ryan who he's with and never knows what he's doing. She'd flip if he didn't answer his phone. And it drives him crazy. She is secretly worried she doesn't know him that well."

Whenever I read things like this about someone with a huge and loyal fan following like Cuoco, it's hard to believe that it is anything other than a bitter fabrication to flog magazines.

It is obviously possible that their is someone in the Cuoco-Sweeting's inner circle who is willing to risk their friendship with the couple for a few bucks, but this reads like hearsay to me.

Reading things like this always makes me feel a pang of sympathy for celebrities like Cuoco who have to see things like this about her personal life splashed across the press. Even if it is totally untrue, I'm sure there are only so many times you can laugh it off before you start to feel attacked.

Who knows what's going on in Kaley and Ryan's relationship, but I hope for their sake that they are still very happy together, despite the gossip mill.

(Source: Now Running via OK Magazine)


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