ByImtiaz Mufti, writer at

With the current trend of crowdfunded films disrupting Hollywood. John Schnepp's "What Happened to Superman" has shown successful funding for venture projects are becoming more the norm! The latest film seeking crowdfunding is the sequel to British classic Horror film, The Wicker Man. The Wrath of the Gods has just launched a campaign on Indiegogo to raise $210,000 to help fund the movie.

Directed by the original director Robin Hardy, Wrath of the Gods will be partly inspired by Shetland’s annual Viking celebration Up Helly Aa and the 19th century Wagner opera Twilight of the Gods. As part of the crowdfunded perk fans of The Wicker Man are being offered the chance to appear in this follow-up as one of the perks… fans also have the chance to become an executive producer, take in a set visit, or enjoy a private dinner with the film-maker after the film’s UK or US premiere.

Not bad!


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