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With the 20th anniversary of the Pokémon brand fast approaching, the onus is on the potential release of [Pokémon](tag:2538552) Z to change things up for both the core fandom, and for potential new players. While features that have been present from the beginning can always be tweaked and improved for new releases, what many new fans are looking for is an entirely new mechanic that changes the way they play.

Pokemon X&Y

The most revolutionary additions to Pokemon X&Y were relatively circumstantial ones. While the game was heralded as a turn in the series, it's cosmetic changes and the addition of super evolutions were more like icing on an already perfected cake. The game felt different, but the new features didn't change the nature of what you were playing. If Pokemon Z seeks to make this work, perhaps it can look to some other mechanics popular in videogames today!

Running a gym

I still want all of these!
I still want all of these!

I'm not suggesting that this game give us Pokemon Gym Tycoon 2016, but it would no doubt be a fun side feature. Much in the same way as you could manage your own bureaus in the [Assassin's Creed](tag:437814) games, a gym on the side would a new set of goals in Pokemon Z aside from the simple striving to be the very best. Imagine acquiring a gym early in the game, and having to maintain its value by defeating numerous challengers and generating revenue. If you're beaten by a challenger, you have to hand out one of your badges, and the equity of your gym goes down. It could be an entire game in and of itself!

Survival mechanics

Survival games have come to plague PC gaming. What started as an incredible way for players to keep on their toes in games like Minecraft has morphed into a short cut to fabricated tension. What we need is a game of a different type to revitalize the mechanic. Pokemon Z could be just that. It needn't be a constant pressure, but imagine if the effort to track down and catch a legendary Pokemon required venturing into a wilderness and ensuring not only that you made it back with your capture, but that you made it back at all!

Trainer skill trees

This is a staple of RPGs from both past and present; east and west. The concept of the skill tree has driven the efforts of players for years, so imagine the depth Pokemon Z could adopt if it introduced leveling up not only for the Pokemon, but for their trainers too. Imagine playing a trainer that specialized in attracting rare types, or developed a particular bond with Pokemon that ensures loyalty and responsiveness. There are a number of facets to trainers that could be turned into skill trees, and they could easily be implemented by Pokemon Z!

Pokémon splicing

Just one of many cool combinations!
Just one of many cool combinations!

Remember a couple years back when Pokemon Fusion became so meme-worthy? We got such brilliant creations as Nidochu, Zufairy, and Magnechu. Imagine if Pokemon Z implemented something similar to the Pokemon Fusion generator! The relatively simplistic design of many Pokemon would put this feature within the realms of possibility. The danger only comes with the complications that would occur with schemes of leveling and special moves, plus an over-abundance of spliced Pokemon would dilute the appeal of the originals. Perhaps there could be a select few Pokemon that could create awesome combinations when spliced, and it would be down to the player to experiment and find them!

You can check out my other coverage of Pokemon Z here! What are your thoughts, hopes and fears for Pokemon Z? Would you like to see any of these features included in the game? Share your thoughts with a post here on MoviePilot, vote in our poll, or leave a comment below!


Which of these features would you like to see in Pokemon Z?


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