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It may seem a little difficult to believe - especially when you take a look at Hugh Jackman's gloriously un-aged face - but the very first entry into Fox's hugely successful X-Men series - X-Men - was released fifteen years ago this month, way back in July 2000.

What's possibly even more difficult to believe is just how much - and in a few cases, how little - our heroes have changed in that time. Their characters, on the other hand, have been through a whole lot - including death, rebirth, and a gigantic continuity reset.

In honor of that anniversary, then, let's take a look at how they've all been doing...

First up:

Wolverine, a.k.a. Hugh Jackman

What's he up to now? Well, after numerous appearances all across the X-Universe, Wolverine has remained more-or-less completely unchanged physically (thanks to his, and, coincidentally, Hugh Jackman's, mutant healing factor), while somehow becoming even more disturbed psychologically. It probably doesn't help that wherever he's gone, the women he loves have tended to die horribly.

Rogue, a.k.a. Anna Paquin

What's she up to now? Far and away the most changed of the group, young Rogue has grown up from a troubled teenager into a tough, capable adult...who we didn't actually see in the last movie. The brand new 'Rogue' cut of Days of Future Past, though, should hopefully give us another chance to see older Rogue in all her glory...

Cyclops, a.k.a. James Marsden

What's he up to now? Another hero who's somehow not actually aged - this time despite having had to come back from the dead in order to keep teaching at Xavier's school - Cyclops has very much retained his boyish good looks...and his distaste for Wolverine being completely obsessed by his wife.

Jean Grey, a.k.a. Famke Janssen

What's she up to now? Arguably the most 'all grown up' of the team, Jean's gone through a similarly traumatic rebirth to Cyclops - though, of course, neither of them realizes it. In the modern day, she's clearly lost none of the capability that made her both one of the X-Men's greats...and one of their greatest foes - or, for that matter, her fondness for Phoenix-like red outfits...

Storm, a.k.a. Halle Berry

What's she up to now? Of all the X-Men, Storm had gone through one of the most abrupt changes by the time we reached the dystopian future of Days of Future Past - and though she's likely to have softened a little once the timeline was fixed, it's good to see that Storm's not likely to take any crap from anyone, no matter what the (horrifying, world-ending) circumstances.

Professor X, a.k.a. Patrick Stewart

What's he up to now? Another one of the heroes to have somehow not really aged, despite dying and coming back to life (though, in his case, there was never really any explanation as to why...), Professor X has turned improbably victories into an artform - including somehow transforming from a James McAvoy lookalike to a distinctly Patrick Stewart-esque older gentleman.

Magneto, a.k.a. Ian McKellan

What's he up to now? Having transformed from one of the X-Men's founders, to arguably their greatest foe, and then back to heroism, Magneto has long-since proven himself a master of both magnetism and role-changing. So much so, in fact, that he once even looked a whole lot like Michael Fassbender.

Mystique, a.k.a. Rebecca Romijn

What's she up to now? Now, the last we saw of Mystique in the modern day X-Universe, she was powerless and presumably doomed to a sentinel-related death - though since Magneto was able to get his powers back after being similarly dosed up with 'the cure,' it's entirely possible that she bounced back. After all, a shape-shifter who used to look a whole lot more like Jennifer Lawrence as a young adult should always be given the benefit of the doubt...

Sabretooth, a.k.a. Tyler Mane

What's he up to now? Another villain who mysteriously transformed somewhere between adult-hood and old age, Sabretooth sure changed a lot between his first meeting with Wolverine and their conflict back in 2000. From the looks of it, there's either something funny going on with the time-stream, or we're about to find out that supervillains love plastic surgery...

Toad, a.k.a. Ray Park

What's he up to now? Sadly, poor Toad was seemingly killed in horrible fashion at the end of his first adventure - his reaction to lightning being predictably terrible - but seeing as, much like his fellow villains, he's also been spotted in the '70s looking completely different, it's entirely possible that there's a strange time-travel paradox going on that means he's alive and well somewhere (or somewhen) else entirely. actually kind of a big deal, when you think about it... Get on it, X-Men: Apocalypse...

What do you think, though?


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